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Proposal to ‘greet the yard’ with a show with unprecedented technology in the world

On December 24, the show Kiss the Stars – The kiss between a thousand stars, products art The latest Sun Group will be officially launched in Hoang Hon town, An Thoi center, Phu Quoc. Shows are attractive outdoor art performances, elaborately choreographed, using multimedia technology – a combination of fire, water, light, laser and music.

When it debuted, it was the largest ocean-based multimedia show in Asia, boasting a stage scale and technology unmatched anywhere else in the world. world.

Show Kiss the Stars is produced by ECA2, the company behind many world-famous shows and historic events such as the opening of the 1998 World Cup.

‘Goose that lays golden eggs’ for world travel hubs

Kiss the Stars uses multimedia performance technology that is considered a “golden egg” in many famous tourist destinations around the world. In Sentosa, the ultimate entertainment paradise of Singaporethe show Wing of Times has welcomed 5.4 million guests worldwide since its 2014 debut Koreathe Big O show has also become a must-try experience when coming to Yeosu City, attracting 100,000 visitors every week.

Kiss the Stars – The kiss between a thousand stars is the next “brainchild” of ECA2, the “father” of Wing of Times, Big O or other popular multimedia shows in 17 countries. family. Bringing the world’s most advanced technologies to Phu Quoc, the Kiss the Stars show promises to bring the “pearl island” into the center of entertainment. entertainment endless and achieved many world records.

Kiss the Stars has a water stage up to nearly 1,000m2 with 3 projection domes for the first time in the world

There is a lot of special, impressive and pioneering technology in the Kiss the Stars show. Specifically, the stage has a unique design with a water screen with an area of ​​​​nearly 1,000m .2 and 3-dome projection system in a row, immerses visitors in the party of performance art.

The stage area of ​​Kiss the Stars has a capacity of up to 5,000 seats, two to three times higher than that of other popular shows of the same genre in the world. For comparison, currently the Wing of Times show of Sentosa, Singapore has a stage size of 2,500 seats, while the stage of the Legend of Pangu – Pangu Mythology show in Lanzhou, China It also has a capacity of 1,500 seats.

In particular, the boundary between the stage and the stands does not exist in the show. The audience will subconsciously lean to avoid meteorites in the universe, or feel the heat when “lava” appears. Don’t forget to equip a raincoat, or get ready to get wet in water explosions, because visitors are the characters along with “warriors” traveling in the galaxy, participating in the fight to protect their planet. .

“This will be the most amazing water-based multimedia show ever seen in Asia. It’s even better when it’s done right on the wonderful coast of the southern island of Phu Quoc”, Ms. Emmanuelle Charotte – Deputy Director of Development business ECA2, share.

The first images of Kiss the Stars, ready to wait for the audience this December

Unique combination of indigenous culture and fantasy elements

Kiss the Stars consists of 14 stages, is the story of Mok (Mok), a Mediterranean boy with his true love Kim, a female warrior from a distant universe, with a mission to protect the Milky Way. away from dangers.

Moc, Kim, their beloved grandmother, Tho (Gaia) and their friends, the dog Air (Khee), the sea cow Thuy (Aqua) will have a fierce fight with Fire (Faio), to protect the galaxy from danger. body is destroyed.

The show’s story is associated with the context of the sunset town of Phu Quoc and the marriage proposal, which is the idea to create a black hole, linking the Earth with the Galaxy. The names of the characters in the story are named after the elements in the Five Elements and the names of the planets in the galaxy. More delicately, the alien creature Thuy is also inspired by the sea cow, a rare animal found in the waters of Phu Quoc.

The duo of Proposal and Kiss the Stars promises to bring the south of Phu Quoc Island into the center of events and festivals

In the story of Wood and Kim, the bridge connecting Earth and Space will forever exist somewhere in the galaxy. That also explains the birth of Proposal – now the backdrop behind the stage of the show, a symbol of bridge and memory of this beautiful love story.

From the experience of the battle between Water – Fire, Good – Evil, the show not only praises eternal love but also conveys the human values ​​of responsibility to preserve and protect nature and species. Wild animals in the wild are in danger of extinction.

Modern technology, eye-catching performance, harmoniously combined with indigenous cultural values, the show Kiss the Stars – The kiss between a thousand stars and the marriage proposal, promises to make the southern island of Phu Quoc a ” star” of Vietnam tourism.

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