Power cannot be considered higher than human dignity

On the afternoon of December 11, VnTPA Golf Club issued a statement condemning and boycotting Mr. NVD – who is said to have beaten a female waitress (caddy) at BRG Danang golf course until she was hospitalized.

Previously, on December 9, 2022, in an open letter to the members of Da Nang Polytechnic Golf Club, the Club’s Executive Committee stated that it would “boycott” an individual named Nguyen Viet. Dung “permanently cannot attend events organized by BKDN Golf Club every year”. The reason is that this individual used a driver to beat the caddy (the tour guide on the field) causing the stick to break in half and this employee lost consciousness on the spot.

The open letter also states: This is an “evil act, seriously violating the rules of golf and golf culture, tarnishing the image of golfers. Vietnam“.

News from the press said that Mr. Nguyen Muoi – representative of the Executive Board of Da Nang Polytechnic Golf Club, – who signed the open letter calling for a boycott – said that the club also proposed to the Provincial People’s Council. Quang Nam dismiss a member of the People’s Council for this individual. Mr. Muoi did not hesitate to name the NVD character as Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dat Quang Group, and a member of the People’s Council of Quang Nam province for 2 consecutive terms of the IX term (2016-2021) and the second term of the People’s Council. X (2021-2026).

The story of players playing caddy is not new. In 2013, the Vietnam Golf Association sent a written request to golf courses nationwide not to accept Mr. Nguyen Duc Son – former Chairman and General Director of Hanoi Housing Development and Management Company Limited. ., who hit the caddie on the Tam Dao golf course with a stick, thinking that this behavior “seriously violates the rules of conduct on the golf course”.

Legally, the act of hitting people causing damage is a violation of the right to law health protection is provided for in Clause 1, Article 20 of the 2013 Constitution. Specifically: Everyone has the right to be physically inviolable, to be protected by law in terms of health, honor and dignity; shall not be subjected to torture, violence, coercion, corporal punishment or any other form of treatment that infringes upon the body, health, honor or dignity.

Golf is often considered an expensive sport, for the rich, the rich, and the social. But having money, having power and having culture are not always related.

People often easily answer the question “What is a rich person, a good person, a talented person?”…but “What is a cultured person?” it is very difficult to find a common denominator for the answers. However, “What is uncultured?” It’s pretty easy to find the answer.

There is a Latin proverb that says: “Nothing human is foreign to me” – Of course, in addition to cultural behavior also includes uncultured behavior. Because, the more evolved, the more people have the opportunity to reveal each individual’s qualities. In any case, hitting a waitress while playing sports is definitely an uncultured act, breaking the law and should be handled appropriately. Otherwise, legal sanctions will become a laughing stock for those who consider money and power higher than human dignity.

*This article represents the personal views of the author.

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