Paradox in Nghe An

With an area of ​​16,486.5 km, Nghe An has the largest population Vietnam With more than 3 million people, living in a very harsh climate, economic development has always been a concern for generations.

According to statistics from the Traffic Police Department of Nghe An Provincial Police, in 2022, there are 27,404 newly registered cars, an increase of 3,117 vehicles compared to 2021 (in 2021, Nghe An province has 24,287 newly registered cars). Only in the first 20 days of 2023 (from January 1 to 19, 2023) the number of newly registered cars is 1,830 cars.

Up to now, the total number of vehicles under management in Nghe An province is 171,588 cars of all kinds. With an average number of new registrations of more than 2,283 cars/month, behind Hanoi, Da Nang, Thai NguyenQuang Ninh…

Meanwhile, according to statistics of the Department of Labor – Invalids and Society (LOLISA) Nghe An province, the whole province has nearly 60,500 workers from other provinces and cities returning to their hometown to celebrate the Lunar New Year in 2023. Of these, nearly 2,300 workers lost their jobs.

The needs review shows that there are more than 11,600 workers looking for new jobs. Of which, there are more than 3,700 laborers looking for jobs in the province. Many other workers have the need to work outside the province, go abroad or improve their skills compared to the present.

In which, the number of laborers working in the southern provinces is more than 31,500 and nearly 29,000 in other provinces. Another notable statistic is that in 2022, Nghe An province has more than 20,000 people going to work abroad, an increase of 3 times compared to 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic was complicated.

Despite the abundant labor force, it seems that the economic development of Nghe An is not commensurate, not meeting the employment needs of the people. Many young people in the village for generations or by default, every time they graduate from high school, they are “southern”, whichever family has more conditions, they can take care of their children to go abroad to work abroad to change their lives.

Nghe An also has to regularly receive hunger relief rice from the Central Government, for example, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year last year, out of 11,0448 tons of hunger-relief rice by the Government to be exported to 7 provinces and cities, Nghe An accounted for 1,140 tons, ranked first. second after Ninh Thuan. However, the interesting paradox in this land of Nghe is that despite being poor, it is always in the top group of provinces that buy the most cars.

Statistics on the number of workers who have to be exiled to earn a living and the number of cars bought to show that, it seems that the gap between rich and poor in Nghe An is quite deep.

No one wants to be exiled to sell sweat and tears. Many people still want to work and contribute right in their homeland. Showing one thing, the majority of people in Nghe An have to face poverty, contrasting with the image of traffic jams due to excessive car traffic that often appear in Vinh city.

A positive news, worth expecting, is that Nghe An is currently attracting a number of large-scale FDI foreign investment projects. It is expected that by 2025, about 100,000 workers will be needed. In 2022, Nghe An’s economic growth is estimated at 9.08%, the second largest growth rate in the North Central region and 22nd in the whole country. By the end of 2022, there are 362 businesses in the province with the need to recruit nearly 36,400 workers, a large number that will be good news for Nghe An people.

This is clearly a bright spot for Nghe An in the coming time, promising to help people no longer have to struggle with jobs, shorten the gap between rich and poor, and solve strange paradoxical problems.

*This article represents the personal views of the author.

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