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Online lucky money promotes cashless payment on Tet holiday

This year’s online lucky money feature has been improved by the parties to be more personalized than last year. New games and features are integrated to attract users, promoting cashless payments.

At the end of the year, MoMo as usual launched the game Shaking Poker on their application, the core to promote the feature of transferring money between users. This game, which attracts more than tens of millions of attendees, integrates the online lucky money feature as one of the requirements of the game.

Online lucky money attracts users with personalized greeting cards and wishes. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Not as popular as MoMo, but other wallet applications such as Viettel Money, ZaloPay also offer a new age feature for users with new upgrades. Many bank’s mobile banking applications have also upgraded the money transfer feature during the Lunar New Year.

The essence of the online lucky money feature is just transferring money between users. However, the platforms add some features such as writing wishes, designing your own cards, increasing personalization to turn money transfers into transmission of good luck to everyone. This is the trend in China, Vietnam, and in some other Southeast Asian countries.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Diep, Co-Founder of MoMo, said that since the first launch of this feature in 2015, the number of users each Tet holiday has continuously increased.

In 2022, there are more than 10 million people using the money transfer / lucky money feature during Tet. On average, each person makes 9 times of lucky money and 7 times of creating lucky money. In addition, more than 12 million people participate in the game of Blackjack.

“Online lucky money contributes to promoting online money transfer during Tet. We hope that in the future, online lucky money will become a traditional but still modern culture, contributing to popularizing the habit of using no cash towards a cashless society according to the Government’s policy,” said Mr. speak.

This year, ZaloPay also continues to develop the lucky money feature for users of this wallet. The strength of this platform is that it is possible to give lucky money in the Zalo chat window. Any Zalo user can congratulate their friends through the chat frame, as long as they have a ZaloPay account.

In the New Year 2023 season, although banks do not include the lucky money feature as a separate section, most of them have the feature to send greeting cards when transferring money. Some mobile banking applications of Vietinbank, Vietcombank, HDBank, etc. all have New Year greeting card templates, with wishes when making money transfers.

It is easy to see the trend this year that users can create their own personal QR codes for the sender to scan the code, transfer money without having to remember the phone number or account number.

To encourage the use of lucky money online, each platform has its own way. In the game Shaking Poker 2023, MoMo implemented more features to claim lucky money, snatch lucky money, … to attract players to transfer money, especially GenZ users.

Meanwhile, ZaloPay uses the group lucky money feature in the chat group, helping to send congratulatory money to many people at the same time.

Banking applications also allow simultaneous transfer of multiple accounts with the same amount of money, suitable for the boss to transfer money simultaneously to employees, or one person to transfer money to family members.

Mr. Ngo Trung Linh, General Director of VietUnion – the owner of the Payoo payment platform – assessed that the cashless payment trend in Vietnam has increased sharply thanks to the Government’s policies, and the consensus of businesses with strong potential, evident in the increase in the number of payment acceptance points and the application of many preferential programs.

In fact, both actual numbers and surveys in Vietnam show many extremely optimistic signals about digital payments.

A Visa survey in June 2022 showed that, along with the significant growth of cashless payments, 65% of Vietnamese consumers carry less cash in their wallets and 32% said they would Stop using cash after the pandemic.

Statistics of the State Bank show that, by April 2022, non-cash payment transactions increased by 69.7% in quantity and 27.5% in value.

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