On April 28, the pedestrian street – Hai Duong night market will open

On April 28, the pedestrian street – Hai Duong night market will open

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Sidewalk along Bach Dang street.

Thus, the operating hours of the road are from 16:00 on Saturday until the end of the 24 hours on Sunday. The pedestrian walkway uses the entire area of ​​Thong Nhat Square and 1/2 street Bach Dang (side adjacent to the river), Hong Quang bridge, entire Chuong Duong road from Hong Quang bridge to Bui Thi Xuan and 1/2 road Bui Thi Xuan (side bordering the river).

The pedestrian street is divided into 4 subdivisions: Long, Lan, Quy and Phung. Subdivision symbols associated with outstanding celebrities associated with the lands of the East.

In particular, in the pedestrian street – the night market, Hai Duong city will introduce a tour route, to bring visitors to historical sites and Hai Duong new tourism products. The tour route connects destinations in the city of Hai Duong, where the highlight is the pedestrian street – the night market with other monuments in the province or with the surrounding provinces and cities. From there, it helped link tourism between Hai Duong and neighboring provinces and cities. This tour is built around 2 days and 1 night in duration, giving visitors the opportunity to visit distinctive landmarks, famous monuments, and enjoy Hai Duong’s specialties. Through a travel agency, tourists from outside the province can choose a destination that suits their experience needs.

According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuc, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hai Duong City, the organization of the pedestrian street – the night market aims to mobilize resources for socialization, develop cultural and artistic activities, create a cultural space complex, meet people’s demand for entertainment, entertainment and experiences, attract tourists and promote and consume the products of Hai Duong and other regions and regions.

In the pedestrian street space – the night market, 50 stalls are scientifically arranged, selecting provincial and regional specialties, creating product diversity; where there is a combination of stalls selling OCOP products and stalls serving snacks, fast food, street food. All products are guaranteed origin, food safety and hygiene, and prices are listed for the public.

The artistic light show is a highlight of the pedestrian street – the night market. In phase 1, around the Bach Dang River, artistic lights will be displayed with color-changing lights, a water surface lighting system that is automatically controlled to create light effects, making the room sparkle. . On the surface of the Bach Dang River, clusters of colorful lotuses will also be arranged, creating a highlight in the middle of the riverbed. Phase 2, will select a number of buildings and tall buildings around the street to display mapping art lights to create accents to attract visitors, renovate and construct monuments and stage performances in the square. Thong Nhat School…

Along with that, many interesting cultural and artistic activities will be held such as T&T Group will hold 2 large-scale sessions/month with famous artists participating. The subdivision will have a venue for street art, contemporary and folk art, outdoor activities for children and youth to participate in activities and be assigned to institutions to ensure Responsibilities include: Youth Union, Office of Education and Training, Center for Municipal Arts and Culture.

In order to ensure the safety and order of the pedestrian street – the night market, Hai Duong city leaders said that they have planned and assigned special forces to ensure safety and order, and prevent fires and explosions…

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