No more “Safe Landing” zone

The case of the former head of the Registry Department Vietnam arrested confirmed the drastic, no restricted area, no “safe landing” in the anti-corruption work of the Party and State.

The investigating agency determined that, during his time in office from 2014 to August 2021, former Director of the Vietnam Registry Department – Tran Ky Hinh – in his role received bribes from a number of directors of the registration center. inspection to sign and approve the issuance of codes, registration and certificates of eligibility for registration activities even though these establishments are not yet fully qualified.

In addition, Mr. Hinh also lacks responsibility, looses management, lacks inspection and supervision, directly accepts bribes from many center directors, “ignores” mistakes in receiving money from car owners and brokers. to issue registration certificates for vehicles that do not ensure technical safety, as well as environmental protection.

Mr. Hinh has been retired for two years.

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Former officer of the Vietnam Register was arrested for accepting bribes.

Another case, on December 26, 2012, the Provincial Police peaceful prosecuted the accused and arrested Bui Duy Dong, former Chairman of the People’s Committee of An Binh commune, Kien Xuong district for investigation on the crime of “abusing positions and powers in the performance of official duties.

In the period from 2015 to 2017, Mr. Dong, then Chairman of An Binh Commune People’s Committee, directed cadastral officers to sell 9 land lots without auction, causing a loss of nearly 800 million VND and receiving 200 billion VND. change the purpose of land use interlaced to residential land of 39 households, but the land has not been allocated to the people. After selling those 9 plots of land, by 2019, Mr. Bui Duy Dong still signed a report to submit to the District People’s Committee asking for 9 land lots to be auctioned.

Year by year, up to now, Mr. Dong has retired from the position of chairman of the commune for 5 years.

Many former cadres and managers always think that when they retire, they will end their responsibilities to the organization and the people. Big and small violations while in office will be “circled” and become a historical story. In fact, for a long time, many mistakes have existed from generation to generation of leaders in many localities and ministries. The violations were not handled after the head of the unit retired, or were just “raised and lightly beaten”, not really strict. These things have created negative consequences, creating a psychology of personal gain, tenure thinking, contempt for law.

The recent cases of handling retired cadres show that the Party and State’s anti-corruption work is determined not to let go of the net, there is no concept of “Safe landing” with anyone. anyone. At the same time, it also shows that those who are leaders and managers from the local to the central level, if they have committed violations, will be considered and handled fully in the spirit of “no forbidden zones”.

Never before has the anti-corruption work been cared for by the Party and State, creating solutions and acting synchronously and decisively like the present.

The concept of “Safe landing” is no longer “safe” as many officials think.

Phan Huy

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