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New regulations help promote national data center infrastructure development

Many new points in data center regulation

A data center is a network of storage and computing resources that enables the delivery of software applications and data. Physically, a data center is a construction consisting of technical infrastructure with computer systems and resources installed on it to store, process, exchange, provide data and applications. used by one or more organizations or individuals.

In Vietnam, technology businesses are very interested in the construction, operation and exploitation of data centers. Many businesses have chosen to apply advanced international standards to design, build and operate data centers. Some centers have been certified by prestigious international organizations and published international standards to promote their capabilities.

Along with the process digital conversion, the market for data center services flourished. Hubs contain large volumes of important and essential data in the digital economy, serving digital government development.

Circular 23 of the Ministry of Information and Communications on regulations on application of standards and technical regulations to data centers takes effect from February 2023. (Illustration)

Catch technology development trendfrom the end of November 2022, the Ministry of Information and Communications has issued Circular 23 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular 03/2013/TT-BTTTT dated January 22, 2013 stipulating the application of technical standards and regulations technology for the data center.

Officially effective from February, according to the Department of Science and Technology (Science and Technology) of the Ministry of Information and Communications, besides inheriting the relevant contents of Circular 03 in 2013, Circular 23 has some new points such as: : Update up-to-date technical regulations on grounding, lightning protection, fire prevention, including national technical regulations on grounding for telecommunications stations – QCVN 9:2016/BTTTT, national technical regulations Experts on lightning protection for telecommunications stations and telecommunications peripheral cable networks – QCVN 32:2020/BTTTT, national technical regulation on fire safety for houses and buildings – QCVN 06:2020/BXD.

Supplement regulations applying the most advanced and popular standards in the world on data center technical infrastructure requirements (TCVN 9250: 2021, ANSI/TIA TIA-942-B and Tier standards of Uptime Institute) and businesses that declare conformity according to the level of relevance rating. “The expansion of applicable standards allows businesses to actively choose the right standard to ensure the quality of data center infrastructure and is the basis for businesses to maintain the quality of data center services.”Department of Science and Technology said.

According to the new regulations, all data centers of enterprises are evaluated and announced in accordance with standards, contributing to protecting the interests of customers. Customers can choose the data center that suits their needs. The publication of quality with different ratings also promotes healthy competition between centers.

The Department of Science and Technology said that the new Circular also strictly manages the standard conformity assessment and certification activities for data centers with high ratings (levels 3 and 4). Accordingly, these data centers must be assessed and certified by a reputable domestic or foreign assessment and certification organization that is designated and recognized.

Along with that, clearer responsibilities for the management agencies (Department of Telecommunication, Department of Science and Technology) in order to strengthen the inspection of data center enterprises.

Regarding the procedures for announcing the conformity of standards and technical regulations, Circular 23 does not amend the administrative procedures for announcing the conformity of data centers in Circular 03/2013/TT-BTTTT and does not increase it. profile component.

Creating conditions for businesses to boldly invest

Referring to the meaning and necessity of studying, amending and supplementing Circular 03/2013/TT-BTTTT on data centers, the Department of Science and Technology said that this is to complete the regulations on requirements. for the technical infrastructure of the data center, helping the data center infrastructure in Vietnam to develop modernly and sustainably, and the state management to come into order, improve the efficiency of digital transformation, development of digital government, digital society and digital economy in Vietnam.

From the perspective of businesses affected by new regulations on data centers, talking with VietNamNet, Mr. Le Minh Hieu, Director of CMC Data Center, CMC Telecom assessed: The Ministry of Information and Communications has issued a revised Circular. , additional regulation on the data center is very timely. “Circular 23 helps businesses like CMC continue to boldly invest, upgrade and update new technologies, jointly turning Vietnam into the Digital Hub of the region.”Mr. Le Minh Hieu shared.

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