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New approach in digital human resource development

Online training “on the throne”

At the beginning of December 2022, Mr. Song Tran, the founder of a technology business, successfully applied for a 100% online MBA scholarship program of a university in Singapore, with a support level of 83%. tuition.

With a 100% online learning program, Mr. Song will be able to both run the business at his own business, improve his professional skills, and especially save time and costs much more than that of Mr. with traditional face-to-face learning.

In the process of searching for study programs, Mr. Song found that undergraduate and postgraduate training in many countries has changed drastically thanks to digital transformation. More and more universities around the world, typically in Australia, the US, Europe, Singapore… are opening training programs that allow students to go online completely.

In Vietnam, since being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, online learning has gradually become familiar. Many universities, academies, and educational institutions are taking steps to move their operations to the digital space.

At FUNiX (online training program of FPT Corporation), every day an estimated more than 5,000 people are studying short-term and long-term programs. In which, there are also students who choose to study undergraduate programs with 50% of online learning at FUNiX and complete the rest at 1 of 3 schools that recognize credit transfer at FUNiX including FPT University, Deakin University (Australia) ), and Seattle City University (USA) to be awarded degrees by these schools.

It can be seen that, up to now, technology has completely met the support of universities. The school can recruit, organize training as well as test and evaluate the learning results of students and students entirely online.

Solve the problem of numerical human resources

Vietnam is in the process of promoting digital transformation, towards the goal of becoming a digital country by 2030. In that journey, digital human resources play a core role, determining the success of digital transformation.

However, the challenge posed is not only the shortage of information technology human resources, but also the big obstacle is that many officials, civil servants, public employees, workers and a large number of people still lack skills. to participate in digital transformation. On the National Assembly forum, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung emphasized that digital university is the solution for Vietnam’s digital workforce.

According to the Minister’s analysis, Vietnam’s information technology workforce is approximately 1.2 million people, but only about 550,000 people from college and above. European countries aim to have 5% of the population working in information technology by 2030. If Vietnam targets 2 – 3% of the population to work in information technology, it will need about 2 – 3 million employees. Meanwhile, each year, universities and colleges only train about 60,000 – 70,000 bachelors. Therefore, the Ministry of Information and Communications believes that digital university is a breakthrough solution. If the digital university model is piloted soon, this will be one of the solutions to help Vietnam quickly acquire digital human resources, not only for the domestic digital transformation but also for other countries. .

Besides, to solve the problem of effectively fostering digital skills for more than 2 million civil servants and public employees and for nearly 100 million people in Vietnam, the Ministry of Information and Communications has been implementing a new approach. , which is to build and put into operation the mass open online learning platform OneTouch at

As a platform run by the Ministry of Information and Communications, OneTouch is built to popularize digital skills for all audiences, including officials, public servants, public employees, employees and the general public. ; popularize advanced digital skills in the direction of personalization, training in skills, rights and responsibilities of digital citizens.

According to the National Digital Transformation Department – Ministry of Information and Communications, after more than 7 months of operation, there have been 13.4 million turns of Vietnamese people on the OneTouch platform to learn and be equipped with basic digital skills. . Through this digital platform, the Ministry of Information and Communications, together with other ministries, sectors and localities, fostered and trained in digital transformation for 204,397 turns of officials, civil servants and public employees and over 255,500 members of the Digital Technology Team. community.

Determining that there are still many jobs in the coming time to develop human resources for digital transformation, the Ministry of Information and Communications has paid special attention to a number of contents including: Piloting a digital higher education model; Implement the program “Learning from practical work”, in which state agencies have a leading role, linking schools with enterprises to build human resource training programs according to actual requirements and orders. of the enterprise; Forming a national network of digital transformation experts…

Van Anh

(Posted in the Vietnam Post newspaper, issue of Xuan Quy Mao 2023)

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