My husband told me to hold back when my father-in-law scolded me

My husband told me to hold back when my father-in-law scolded me

Now I suffer from depression, I hear my baby crying and my father in law scolds me.

I am 27 years old, married for more than two years, with a 17-month-old son. Before the wedding, her husband spent money to build a house on her parents’ land. Only he was a child, so before I got married, I also thought that I would live with my husband’s parents. Both sides of the family are very miserable, her parents don’t even have money to eat, my mother died early due to a serious illness. Currently, my father has enough to eat, the children work, although their income is not high, but it is enough to live. Since I was elected, I stay at my husband’s house, my husband goes to work far away and comes back once every fortnight. My son is difficult, or fussy, every time he cries, his mother-in-law scolds me a lot, telling me that I don’t know how to take care of him. While his grandson also cried and got upset, but he didn’t say anything to his daughter.

I told my husband that I could not bear it, the couple broke up, but he did not agree. He told me to tolerate my father, but the more he tolerated it, the more he did, cursing more and more, even demanding to hit and slap me on the ear several times. Two years living in my husband’s house, I don’t know how many times I thought about it. Currently, my husband’s parents have no income, so my wife and I take care of all the expenses. My eldest son sent him to work, he had a fever and had to go to the hospital constantly. The baby kept restless or refused to take the medicine and cried, he scolded me and asked me to hit.

Two years of bitter and miserable life, I took my baby. My husband doesn’t support me, so now we each have a place. He always told me to ignore him and live, but I couldn’t do it. I am mentally unstable. Now, I have taken my son, I am going back to stay at my father’s house, and in a few days, my mother and I will leave to stay. My current assets, including land, passbook, insurance… around 1 billion dong, are not enough to buy a house right away. Am I going like this, good or bad? Please give some advice.

ngoc lan

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