My Dinh National Stadium asks for a budget of 10-12 billion to replace the grass surface

After receiving a lot of criticism for the quality of the grass surface in recent years, the leader of the My Dinh National Sports Complex is planning to ask the sports industry for a budget of about 10-12 billion VND to replace the grass. playing field. In which, redoing new grass surface, new ground, about more than 2 billion VND. The rest is the watering system. Currently, this system is broken, affecting the care of My Dinh yard.

However, to replace the ground, there must be specialized machines. While My Dinh yard, in addition to the field, there is also a piste road for athletics training and competition. If you put the machine in, you have to go through the piste line, which can damage the piste (renovated 3 years ago). Therefore, the complex is expected to ask permission from the sports industry, if it approves the cost of renovating the ground, it will also approve the technical plan: to build a bridge system, north from the gate of My Dinh yard. into the courtyard, to transport machinery across this bridge.

According to a leader of the National Sports Complex, the grass surface of My Dinh Stadium wants to be green even in harsh weather conditions, in addition to replacing the lawn, it is also necessary to redo the ground and have better current watering system.

It is known that the ground of My Dinh yard has not been thoroughly renovated for a long time, so the grass is even green, but when the players play, the ground is still not guaranteed in the best way. Therefore, the solution is to completely remove the old soil layer and replace it with a new layer of soil.

During the AFF Cup 2022, the condition of facilities and the ground of My Dinh National Complex is a topic of interest and discussion among fans. In the two matches at My Dinh Stadium of Vietnam Tel, it can be seen through television that the grass surface of the field is withered and yellowed. In fact, not only the grass was withered, some areas near the training cabin also appeared a large area of ​​land, without grass. This will very easily lead to injury for the players.

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