Miss Grand International contest rejects transgender people

Miss Grand International contest rejects transgender people

Mr. Nawat, the chairman of the Miss Peace International pageant, said candidly that this playground will not host transgender contestants.

On July 12, Mr. Nawat – president of the contest miss peace attended the press conference before the final of Miss Philippines Peace 2023. The press conference was attended by Ms. Teresa, Vice President of the pageant and the current Miss International Peace 2022 Isabella Menin.

At the press conference, the reporters asked Mr. Nawat many questions. Among them was the question of whether the president would allow transgender people to enter his pageant. In response, Mr. Nawat candidly replied: “Absolutely not”.

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Mr. Nawat – Chairman of the Miss Peace pageant at the press conference before the final of Miss Peace Philippines 2023.

“No surgery can change a person’s DNA. Transgender women are still men and trans men are still women.” Mr. nawat shared.

The president also expressed the view that transgender people have their own competition and it would be unfair for transgender people to participate in traditional women’s competitions.

Mr. Nawat’s remarks are receiving mixed reactions on beauty forums. Many people believe that the president is discriminating against transgender people.

However, there were also many people who sympathized with Mr. Nawat and said that before there were many presidents who did not welcome transgender people in order to create fair competition for the pageant they hosted.

Prior to that, Lupita Jones, who is considered the powerful woman behind the success of Miss Universe in Mexico and is now the national director of the organization Mexicana Universal, also outright snubbed the contestant. Transgender.

“Despite performing gender reassignment surgery, changing some parts like women, they are still transgender. In life, everyone has their own space and place. Of course, transgender people should not be transgender. They are being discriminated against. They deserve recognition. But Mexicana Universal is not their playground.” said Lupita Jones.

Lupita Jones’ statement caused controversy on social media. Angela Ponce – Miss Universe Spain 2018, known as the first transgender woman in the history of Miss Universe, has been outspoken in criticizing Lupita Jones.

In response, Ms. Lupita Jones stood her ground: “We have explained this many times and we will not change our position.”

In 2022, the organizers miss Universe The world makes an official announcement allowing married and childbearing age candidates to take the exam. The organizers explained: “We believe that women should have the right to make their own decisions in their lives and their decisions – this should not be a barrier to their success.”

Furthermore, in 2018 this pageant also welcomed the first transgender contestant, the beautiful Angela Ponce from Spain. This year, Miss Universe 2023 still has the second transgender contestant, the Dutch beauty – Rikkie Valerie Kollé.

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