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Ministry of Information and Communications issues applied AI strategy

Promote the development of application AI for national digital transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to life strongly, step by step taking on tasks that require intelligence for people in many fields. Around the world, many countries have developed AI development strategies, taking AI technology as a breakthrough new development solution.

The results of the implementation of AI by countries have made the world change towards more transparency and connection through the links between the government and agencies, organizations, businesses, between the state management agencies. water and people, and especially the connection between people and machines and equipment.

Data sources are an important factor driving AI development. Conveniently installed data labeling software on mobile phones makes it easy for each individual to contribute to the development of AI applications in the form of answering data questions.

Three important national digital transformation decisions have all emphasized applied AI. (Illustration: Internet)

In Vietnam, from January 2021, the Prime Minister approved the National Strategy on Research, Development and Application of AI to 2030 with the goal of turning this new technology into an important technology field. of Vietnam in the fourth industrial revolution.

Recently, the Prime Minister has issued 3 important decisions related to digital conversion The country, including Decision 749 approving the National Digital Transformation Program up to 2025, Decision 942 approving the e-Government Development Strategy towards digital government in the 2021-2025 period, Decision 411 approving the Strategy digital economy and digital society development strategy to 2025. These decisions all emphasize the application of AI in the fields of digital government, digital economy and digital society.

On the basis of clearly recognizing the importance of developing applied AI, the Ministry of Information and Communications has recently issued the Strategy for Development of Artificial Intelligence Applications to 2030 (Applied AI Strategy). Strategy defining a vision to 2030, applied AI is widely applied in digital economy, digital society, digital government, smarting socio-economic activities, forming leadership force, employees have an AI mindset and skills in using AI to solve problems.

Applied AI will help to smarten socio-economic activities

In the newly issued Strategy, the Ministry of Information and Communications clearly stated its point of view, developing applied AI contributes to the successful implementation of the digital economy, digital society, and digital government in Vietnam; effective international cooperation to develop AI applications.

Human-centered, ensuring the harmony of benefits that applied AI brings to industries and fields, ensuring the safety of AI products and services, and at the same time not violating ethical issues , the human standard when implementing AI.

The Ministry of Information and Communications will promote the development of applied AI to serve the national digital transformation, well perform the role of a bridge connecting businesses providing AI services and solutions with businesses wishing to apply AI.

The strategy sets a target that by 2030, applied AI will contribute to intelligentizing 100% of administrative procedures with online provision; 100% of cities in Vietnam deploy applied AI to solve pressing social problems in urban areas.

Along with that, training and fostering knowledge of applied AI for at least 1,000 officials and experts of state agencies at central and local levels, and state corporations and corporations. 100% of state agencies at ministerial and provincial levels participate in opening data and providing open data for the development of AI applications for the digital economy, digital society, and digital government.

By 2030, all cities in Vietnam will deploy applied AI to solve pressing problems of society. (Illustration)

In order to realize the above-mentioned goals, in the Strategy, besides 12 key task groups, the Ministry of Information and Communications also clearly identifies 6 solutions, the group of solutions includes: Securing data to develop applied AI; connecting supply and demand for AI products, services and solutions; human resource training; domestic cooperation; international cooperation; and added indicators to assess AI readiness for agencies, organizations and businesses to include in the digital transformation index – DTI.

The Ministry of Information and Communications also assigns specific responsibilities of agencies and units in the Ministry and technology enterprises in organizing the implementation of the Strategy.

In sharing at the meeting, the gratitude of the leaders of the Ministry of Information and Communications to the digital technology enterprise On the occasion of the 2023 Lunar New Year, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, Chairman and General Director of Bkav, Vice Chairman of VINASA, Chairman of the AI ​​Committee of VINASA highly appreciated the issuance of the Applied AI Strategy by the Ministry of Information and Communications. With this strategy, according to Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, we have pioneered the policy of promoting the development of applied AI.

“Strategy is short, concise, and substantive. I think that if we strictly follow the content of this Strategy, we will have a great opportunity to apply AI technology to all aspects of the country’s socio-economic life.”Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang commented.

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