Minecraft developers ban NFT on the platform

Minecraft bans the use of NFT on its platform. Mojang Studios describes NFT as going against the creative value and co-playing experience of Minecraft.

NFT is a cryptographic asset that represents real-world items such as paintings, music, videos, etc. It is unique and irreplaceable. If digital files can be copied and deleted for free, NFT has another purpose, which is to identify the owner of the original file for sale and exchange.

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The NFT “craze” drove sales to $12 billion globally in January. However, along with the cryptocurrency plunge, NFT sales started to drop to a one-year low and only $1 billion left in June.

Minecraft allows users to build virtual worlds. In more than 10 years of existence, the game has built a loyal user community. The game represents a potential market for NFT with a huge user base – estimated at 141 million as of August 2021 – that loves sharing unique digital items for the game.

However, Mojang Studio has ended all speculation surrounding the use of NFT in the game. According to Mojang, the purpose of NFT and other blockchain technologies is to create digital ownership based on scarcity, exclusion, which goes against the inclusive value of Minecraft. The speculative sentiment surrounding the NFT detracts from gaming and encourages self-seeking behavior, which Mojang argues is inconsistent with players’ long-term pleasure and success.

Mojang asserts that in-game creations have intrinsic value, while there are many cases where NFTs are “inflated” in price. The game studio is worried that third-party NFTs might be unreliable and end up hurting players. They are also concerned that a project built entirely on blockchain will suddenly disappear, meaning players will lose their investments.

There is a term for this behavior, which is “rug pull”. In a carpet draw, the developers behind a crypto project shut down the project and steal everyone’s money. It happened with a project called Blockverse. According to Pcgamer, the project disappeared after raising more than 1 million USD.

Mojang still leaves open the possibility of using “more secure” blockchain technology in Minecraft in the future, but not currently. Another popular gaming platform is Roblox which has yet to take a stance on NFT. However, Chief Business Officer Craig Donato once said he saw no reason to allow NFT in the game.

Du Lam (According to The Guardian)

Impersonating a publisher to copyright game channels, male YouTuber faces a penalty of nearly 200 billion VND

Impersonating a publisher to copyright game channels, male YouTuber faces a penalty of nearly 200 billion VND

The YouTuber guy is probably also gradually regretting his actions.

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