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Michelin Guide Questions

Michelin Guide Questions

Choosing a list that is considered the quintessence of the cuisine of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, have you learned about the places that Vietnamese people find delicious? Really get it? Have you taken the effort to ask the famous “gourmet mouths”? Do you dive into groups, closed Facebook groups, where people recommend their favorite shops, or at least go through a circle of food bloggers, full of social media? Or all you do is go to Google and search: Top restaurants in HCMC and 10 places to eat in Hanoi?

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Did Michelin’s chefs not know that the word “bread” itself was so popular that it was included in the Oxford dictionary? Or if you browse through all the best Vietnamese bakeries in every corner of the world, and think that is not enough to convince you to put banh mi on your list in Vietnam?

I wonder if you have ever smelled the sweet aroma of pate waiting to be mixed into the soft, pillow-like white inside? Or did you somehow manage to finish off the famous meat-filled sandwich of the Saigon people? If you already have that experience, why would you leave bread on your list?

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Since when does a list of delicious Vietnamese food not include beef noodle soup, vermicelli vermicelli, vermicelli vermicelli, vermicelli vermicelli, and eel vermicelli? I have briefly listed those five dishes here to save time, but I still feel guilty about some dishes, why do you guys make a long list to represent the food of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but are willing to leave them out?

And it seems that Michelin doesn’t know that Vietnam is also famous for its sweets, right? Did you completely ignore pomelo soup, sweet potato soup, grandma’s tea, fried rice banana, beef jaggery cake… just to waste time at 11 stalls? (and most of them are really bad!).

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If you take the time to browse food forums and groups, you’ll probably realize: I don’t think I’ve eaten enough to decide which is the last banh cuon shop on this list, right? Do you know what makes a delicious plate of banh cuon? Was the minimum – firmness – flexibility of the crust in your chosen area the best? Is the flavor of the filling as rich and memorable as other places? Is the smell of rice flour guaranteed to make people feel uncomfortable when they eat it, not to slip in just a few seconds?

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Has anyone told you: The best snails in Ho Chi Minh City come from crowded markets and obscure alleys, not a shiny luxury store? Or did someone tell you that the Hanoi snail also deserves its own place, because it’s the dish that everyone talks about when the wind hits?

Are you too lazy to enter the narrow streets of Hanoi and impatient enough to wait 15 minutes for a plastic table on the corner? Why don’t you try and give yourself the chance to see for yourself the open stoves that don’t rest during the day, with smoke that carries the smell of barbecue and dyes the air white?

Have you seen the round ground patties rolled up like leaves or the glistening fat produced on the patties in these stores? Or do you have to stir because the fish sauce is heated, contained in a small bowl with brown pieces of grilled duck wings inside? It’s not the bowls full of dry patties and cold, pale patties, but these hot, hit and miss portions of bun cha that make people crave and miss – maybe not enough to win you over?

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As a regular netizen and keyboard warrior, I can’t help but be annoyed by your list of question marks, or should I be lucky because eventually the restaurants I still eat at will be full of good food. Curious visitors? Do you think that if you provide something called a guide, not doing enough research and coming up with an outdated list will prevent the visitors themselves from experiencing the depth and diversity of the cuisine? Why are dishes, restaurants that most Vietnamese people love, dishes that Vietnamese people are proud of, authentic options that Vietnamese people want to introduce to international friends – not at all on the list? Where were you in that search?

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Do you remember the movie? A travel guide to romance popular last month? You all know how underrated that movie is by the Vietnamese people themselves, right? Why do filmmakers put so much effort into investing and making a movie about Vietnam tourism, but it’s full of information and prejudice from… 20 years ago? Why do foreigners always come to Vietnam to suffer because of the incident of motorbikes jammed on the road, trying to cross the red light?

Do they know that in addition to taking out the lights in Hoi An, going to the Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City or watching the Opera House in Hanoi, foreign tourists can now experience the road of Hoan Kiem Lake, wander and admire See the old apartments in Saigon, walk in the Hang En, scuba diving at Phu Quy Island or watching the Da Dia rapids at Phu Yen? Can a film full of framed ideas show a changed Vietnam, with newfound beauty and unique experiences?

You still know that the look of the Michelin Guide is good A guest we would love it will help to attract tourists to Vietnam in the future, but in the future, would you please make an effort to learn and understand what Vietnamese people are proud to show off to international friends?

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