MC Lai Van Sam once applied for a job and no one accepted it

MC Lai Van Sam once applied for a job and no one accepted it

Lai Van Sam is known as a journalist, a veteran MC, a familiar face on television. His image is deeply embedded in the memory of many generations of viewers through many national television programs. After retirement, Lai Van Sam is still “sweeping” the television waves with many popular programs.

However, few people know, for the current success, MC Lai Van Sam had to go through many difficulties in the past.

I used to apply for jobs and no one accepted them

Since 1975, Lai Van Sam went to Russia to study Hindi language at Tashkent University. After 6 years, in 1981, he returned to the country, at that time he had just turned 24 years old.

Like many other young men, Lai Van Sam had to apply for a job like any other young man. But on that day, there were not many opportunities for selection and interviews at this time, so Lai Van Sam could not find a job and had to return to Russia to send workers and work as an interpreter.

In 1987 he returned to the country and continued to look for a job but was disappointed because there was no place to accept him. At that time, the male MC was 30 years old and unemployed, so he was very upset.

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MC Lai Van Sam in his youth

After a long wait, Lai Van Sam was introduced by a friend to an agency that needed to hire people who knew Russian. Discussing this feeling, a male MC once said that he is very happy and excited, looking forward to being accepted to make life stable.

When MC Lai Van Sam arrived at the center, he was greeted by an old man. The man turned on Hoa Sen (a type of radio station) and asked him to translate a live Russian news program.

Lai Van Sam was very happy because he could practice his skills right away. For him at the time, interpreting a 30-minute news report was the norm. He sat down and bowed.

However, before long, MC Lai Van Sam also quit his job in the organization and had to go to Dong Xuan market to help sell goods to his mother-in-law for a year. Later, he had the opportunity to enter Vietnamese television and further develop his skills.

Achievements and contributions on television, are respected by the young

Lai Van Sam came to work at the Vietnam Television Station right during the European Football Championship in Germany. At this time, VTV needed someone to report and summarize the events, so Lai Van Sam was recruited. His work at this time was very difficult, because the physical conditions of VTV at that time did not exist, and there were no workers.

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In the same year, Lai Van Sam was assigned the important task of live coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. It was also the first year that VTV reported live a world sporting event. This task was quite difficult because at that time the analyst had no pre-match information about the participating teams.

In 1992, Lai Van Sam transferred to management and operated many popular and pioneering television entertainment programs at that time. Among them, the most prominent is the program SV96with the participation of many famous musicians, top stars at that time.

That day WILLV96 broadcast live by VTV as the main event. Lai Van Sam and his team had to work from 8 p.m. until late at night and put out a screen in the Hang Day arena so that tens of thousands of spectators could watch the show.

After that, MC Lai Van Sam led and produced a series of hot shows like Game of states, Duel, magic hat, Pick the right amount, We are heroes, Who wants to be a millionaire, Music game… There are, a lot of programs that he personally went abroad to buy the format that he will do. It can be said that Lai Van Sam is one of the pioneers of making television shows in Vietnam.

In the late 90s, Lai Van Sam’s name was as famous as any other star. The male MC revealed that wherever he went, people were packed.

After his retirement, Lai Van Sam continued to maintain his status, increasing his television coverage when he participated in the most popular TV series in the South such as: Soldiers, fond memories…

Not only is he a well-known figure to the audience, Lai Van Sam is also a respected man from generation to generation in this industry. MC Tuan Tu called Lai Van Sam a teacher even though he has never taught a single day because he was the one who led his children when he first entered the field. Commentator Quang Huy also revealed that because of being scolded by Lai Van Sam, he had to change himself.

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