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Market 4.0 ‘bad guys run out of opportunities to pickpockets’

After Bac Hong ward launched the week of digital transformation and launched the 4.0 market model, hundreds of people and small businesses in the Commercial Center – Hong Linh Market enthusiastically responded to the movement of going to the market without using money. face. Business establishments at Hong Linh market are all equipped with QR codes so that people can pay easily when buying goods.

Market 4.0 model is deployed in Bac Hong ward (Hong Linh town).
The argument transfer team in Bac Hong ward instructs people to scan QR codes when buying goods at the market.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu (37 years old, a small merchant selling clothes at Hong Linh market) said: “In recent days, Bac Hong ward has launched a week of digital transformation, coordinated with banks, network operators, mobile phone shops … to set up accounts and guide people to pay when making payments. purchase by scanning QR code. We are very excited and fully support this campaign. When customers pay via QR code, the store also easily manages money. Instead of holding a lump of change like before, now it is now. After the buyer makes a simple operation on the phone, the money is immediately returned to the seller’s account.

People go to buy gold scan QR code at Hong Linh town market.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hang (45 years old, residing in Bac Hong ward) shared: “Since the stalls at the market are equipped with QR codes, I don’t need to carry cash. There are shops that prepare 3-4 scan codes to avoid crowded customers. Previously, I went to the market with my wallet. I’m afraid of losing it, now I feel secure because there are payment scanning codes everywhere, so the bad guys have no chance to pickpocket.”

The Bac Hong ward number conversion team is instructing the shoe repair shop owner to use the payment QR code.
Ms. Thuy, the owner of the fruit shop, feels more secure since customers pay with QR codes.

According to Ms. Le Thuong, Deputy Secretary of Bac Hong Ward Youth Union, within a week (from December 24-31), the Bac Hong Ward Digital Transformation Steering Committee has propagated and mobilized business establishments and shops. Wholesale and retail goods at Hong Linh Trade Center – Hong Linh Market and residential groups use the form of non-cash payment.

“The ward’s digital transformation team has 3 people, including: the vice chairman of the ward People’s Committee is the leader, the youth union secretary is the deputy group leader and an official. Below the ward, there is another group to convert the number of residential groups. In the past few days , we have coordinated with related forces, went to the market to guide people to install VNeID, social insurance application, propagate conferences on digital transformation content, project 06, application electronic identifier…”, Ms. Le Thuong said.

The QR code is arranged in a convenient location so that customers can scan the payment easily.
With just a few simple steps, people can easily pay on their phones without carrying cash.

According to Deputy Secretary of Bac Hong Ward Youth Union: “We organize the market model 4.0, go to the market to pay without cash, create a high consensus from the people. This is an activity to promote digital transformation and application of information technology in activities. buying and selling business, creating conditions for consumers to experience and access modern payment methods, however, the implementation still faces difficulties because the elderly are not used to using smartphones, accessing access to technology is much slower than that of young people”.

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