Many solutions to promote science, technology and innovation

The Ministry of Science and Technology has implemented practical, effective and efficient actions, taking scientists, people and businesses as the service center; ensure publicity and transparency, uphold the responsibility of setting an example and example of the head.

Developing a national innovation system

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Research and development of semiconductor products, results of technology transfer cooperation in Ho Chi Minh City Hi-Tech Park. Photo (documentary) illustration: Tien Luc/VNA

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Le Xuan Dinh said that in 2023, the Ministry of Science and Technology will continue to innovate fundamentally, comprehensively and synchronously in terms of organization, financial mechanism, management, and automatic mechanism. owners of public science and technology organizations in accordance with the characteristics of scientific and technological activities. At the same time, perfecting policies and laws on science, technology and innovation, accepting risks in scientific research according to international practices and standards, ensuring the principle of publicity, transparency and fairness. .

Mechanisms and policies on science and technology continue to be perfected, creating more and more favorable conditions for enterprises to conduct science and technology activities, making them the center of the national innovation system. family. Completing policies and laws on intellectual property, protecting and effectively and rationally exploiting intellectual property created by Vietnam in order to further improve state management in the field of science and technology. technology, encourage commercialization and promote the transfer of intellectual property rights.

In particular, solving problems related to the assignment of rights to use or own properties formed from scientific and technological tasks with the use of the state budget; propose solutions to solve problems in the valuation of research results and intellectual property resulting from scientific and technological tasks using the state budget. In addition, proposing solutions to remove obstacles in profit sharing from commercialization of research results, intellectual property generated from scientific and technological tasks using the state budget as well as problems in setting up businesses that originate on the basis of research by public non-business units; capital contribution mechanism and operation organization of technology-starting enterprises (spin-off) from research institutes and universities.

In addition, the Ministry of Science and Technology focuses resources on promoting research, transfer and application of scientific and technological advances to effectively serve sustainable socio-economic development, ensuring national security and safety. At the same time, focus on application-oriented basic research, combined with attracting social resources, especially the Science and Technology Development Fund of enterprises. Develop a national innovation system, in which enterprises are the center, research institutes and universities are strong research subjects. The legal corridor for the use of the enterprise’s science and technology development fund has been completed, creating favorable conditions for state management as well as for enterprises to innovate technology, improve productivity enterprise force.
Science and Technology make positive contributions to the synchronous development of industries and fields. Social science has actively contributed and provided arguments for the formulation of guidelines, guidelines, mechanisms, policies and orientations for socio-economic development of the country. Some fields of natural science reach the advanced level of the region and the world. In 2023, the Ministry of Science and Technology will continue to research and improve the capacity to approach the Fourth Industrial Revolution to synchronously deploy in ministries, branches and localities, bringing scientific and technological achievements to Modern technology is quickly and widely applied in the fields of health, agriculture, industry, information, trade promotion activities, support for searching, exchanging and transferring technology…

In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution taking place strongly in the world and in Vietnam, the Ministry of Science and Technology has fully exploited the results and achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, making master and quickly apply the world’s advanced scientific and technological achievements. In addition, the Ministry continues to focus on perfecting mechanisms and policies to create competition incentives to promote enterprises to participate in the science and technology market, complete the legal corridor to promote commercialization, and promote speed up research results, intellectual property into production and business to develop a synchronous, modern and integrated science and technology market.

Strongly develop innovative startup ecosystem

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Producing all kinds of speakers and mobile phone headsets at the factory of Foster Electronics Co., Ltd (Bac Ninh), at VSIP Bac Ninh Service and Urban Industrial Park, Phu Chan commune, Tu Son town, province Bac Ninh. Illustration: Thong Nhat/VNA

Vietnam’s innovation start-up ecosystem is strongly formed and developed, creating a new generation of businesses that do business based on intellectual property and have the capacity to access the global market. Up to now, Vietnam has more than 3,000 innovative start-ups, 186 co-working spaces, and formed many venture capital funds. The startup and innovation ecosystem, together with the development of the science and technology market, contributes to promoting sustainable socio-economic development, ensuring security and defense.

The innovation startup ecosystem has flourished in Vietnam through cooperation, international integration and communication on science, technology and innovation. International cooperation in science and technology is increasingly expanding to partners to jointly solve key tasks set out in 2023 and the next period.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Le Xuan Dinh said that in order to realize the goal of strongly developing the innovation startup ecosystem, promoting the application of science and technology and innovation, contributing to the recovery economy, creating a new driving force for the country’s rapid and sustainable development, in 2023, the science and technology sector will promote scientific research and technological development activities of research institutes, universities, step up technological innovation activities, improve corporate governance, technology application and innovation capacity, strive for the contribution rate of total factor productivity (TFP) to economic growth to reach 50 %.

Science, technology and innovation play an important role in the development of spearhead industries, focusing on processing industry, energy industry, new energy, renewable energy, contributing to restructuring. modern economy and industry. Besides, constantly improving the Global Innovation Index (GII), striving for Vietnam to be among the top 42 countries in the world.

In 2023, the Ministry will continue to promote the mobilization and diversification of resources to increase investment in developing the potential of science and technology so that by 2025, investment in science and technology will reach 1.2-1. .5% of GDP, of which the total national expenditure on scientific research and technological development reaches 0.8% -1% of GDP and the society’s contribution to scientific research and technological development accounts for 60-65 %. At the same time, renew, restructure and improve operational efficiency, autonomy of public science and technology institutions, approach international standards, strive to have 25-30 scientific institutions. Science and technology are ranked regionally and globally.

2023 is also a key year for the Ministry of Science and Technology to focus resources on effectively and qualitatively deploying the Science, Technology and Innovation Development Strategy to 2030 with the orientation of improving public capacity. core technology, promote quality productivity, capitalize on the fourth industrial revolution.

At the same time, effectively and synchronously deploy national science and technology programs up to 2030 in the direction of developing basic research directions, priority technology directions, and key and key products. of the country or serving the national target program and associated with the technological roadmap of the sectors and fields, consistent with the content of the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation Development to 2030, contributing to Practically serving the goals of socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security.

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