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Likes to eat delicious like this, the immune system still collapses despite having enough nutrients

That’s the warning of a team led by the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (Germany). In collaboration with several German and Belgian counterparts, scientists Max Delbrück examined how a high-salt diet harms the immune system.

According to Medical Xpressthey found that the energy metabolism of T cells – vitally important components of the immune system and a warrior that helps us fight many diseases – can be severely impaired simply by excess salt. .

Likes to eat this delicious food, the immune system still collapses despite having enough nutrients - Photo 1.

A too strong taste can destroy your cardiovascular system and immune system at the same time (Illustration from the Internet)

The reason is that the excess salt you eat every day can attack the body at the subcellular level, specifically causing malfunction in the mitochondria, a structure that acts as the “powerhouse” of the body. cell.

This mechanism has been explored in studies of how excess salt intake leads to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. In this new work, the scientists determined that it attacks T cells similarly.

The preferred type of T cells for this “salt enemy” are regulatory T cells called Tregs, which are responsible for maintaining a balance between normal function and unwanted inflammation.

A dysfunctional immune system is extremely dangerous, as it can overwhelm the immune system’s inflammatory mechanisms, releasing toxic substances that attack other organs, such as symptoms. symptoms of autoimmune disease or cytokine storm in COVID-19 and some infectious diseases.

Thus, the risk of complications with many diseases will be increased for those who like to eat salty and rich foods.

According to the authors, this finding serves as a further warning to the overall harm of too much salt intake, as well as an important contribution to explaining the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease in many cases. fit.

The study has just been published in the medical journal Cell Metabolism.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), in order to prevent diseases and avoid premature death due to excess salt diets, you need to keep your salt intake to no more than 5 g/day.

However, surveys of many countries, especially on the Asian side, show that people consume twice or even more than this dangerous limit. Examples of research published on BMJ Nutrion Prevention & Health From China, people in this country eat up to 11g of salt a day and just 1g less is enough to prevent 4 million deaths every year.

In Vietnam, the national survey on risk factors for non-communicable diseases in 2015 showed that 90% of the surveyed people ate more than 10 g of salt/day, twice the WHO recommendation.

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