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Launch of promotions to boost summer tourism

Launch of promotions to boost summer tourism

It is expected that from June 1, students will have summer vacation at the same time. Against the backdrop of weak consumer demand in many fields, tourism companies are trying to attract tourists and prepare for the exciting summer tourist season with a number of preferential programs for both domestic and international tours.

Comprehensive recovery of 3 markets

Mr. Nguyen Minh Man, Director of Communications and Marketing, TSTtourist Tourism Company, said that the orientation of the tourism market this summer is to strongly deploy a product line to avoid the heat and meet the needs of tourists. In particular, companies have restored 100% of tourist routes compared to the same period before 2019.

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Visitors learn about tours at a travel agency on May 18

“The summer of 2023 is not only the most important peak of the year for the tourism industry, but also marks the comprehensive recovery of tourism activity in the three markets: national tourism, foreign tourism and international visitors. On this occasion, TSTtourits deploys 4 preferential packages according to the needs of clients, applying technology, relieving needs to develop applications and products to serve tourists from discounts right at the time of registering for a tour, delivery of preferential coupons for clients faithful, incentives and gifts for children…”- said Mr. Man.

Saigontourist Travel Service Company said that only on May 20, at the “Golden Day – Bustling Summer” event at the Ho Chi Minh City headquarters, customers can choose more than 365 tours with incentives of up to VND 20 million. Super promotional itineraries with up to 50% discount and many attractive travel vouchers and gifts, with the same quality of service. Specifically, the My Tho – Ben Tre 2-day tour costs VND 1,490,000 per person; Thailand Tour 5 days 7,999,000 VND/pax; Special Itinerary Zhangjiajie (China) 6 days 12,999,000 VND/pax… In addition, Saigontourist Travel also deploys domestic itineraries in the summer with incentives of up to 2 million VND for inter-regional itineraries. North, explore the central route…

Vietravel Travel Company’s summer 2023 promotion program still applies with tours departing now through August 31, with a total program value of VND 15 billion. Visitors “buy early – cut deep” with incentives up to 1.5 million VND/person; group travel record; buy tours in installments through the Vietravel application…

Vietluxtour Travel, Vietnam Tourism, Ben Thanh Tourist… also implement incentive programs and promotions to stimulate tourism demand this summer. Vietnam Tourism Communication Joint Stock Company has just started the tourism stimulus week program for all tours with a discount of up to 30% of tour prices.

“Headache” to maintain the price

In addition to promotions and discounts, many travel companies said they are making efforts to maintain travel prices for other tourist routes amid rising input costs, especially airfares.

There is a paradox that many airlines are promoting airfare promotions for routes from Vietnam abroad, including 0 dong tickets to India, Australia, Korea, Japan…, while on domestic flights to domestic tourist destinations, the rates have increased. This is becoming a barrier that makes the cost of traveling in the country higher than abroad.

On May 18, filmed at a large travel agency in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, many guests asked for a package tour to go on a summer vacation, but most chose to go to China, Singapore, Thailand… with one of the reasons Due to the reasonable price of the tour, many tours are priced similar to domestic tourism.

Mr. Lai Minh Duy, General Manager of TSTtourist Company, said that it was a headache to make prices and approve prices for tours. For the domestic market, the costs of services, transportation costs, meals, accommodation services… are high compared to some countries in the region. However, Vietnam’s standard 4-5 star tourist areas have new and beautiful scenery than many countries. Therefore, the price of the tour offered by TSTtourist is not based on the cheapest criteria but points to the most suitable for a trip.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc An, Deputy General Manager of Vietluxtour Travel Company, discussed that 2022 is a boom year for domestic tourism and in 2023, many foreign tourism markets have had stimulus programs to attract demand. Vietnamese tourists have a new trend to travel abroad. tours, price incentives, shopping… Therefore, in addition to the need for domestic vacations for families, tours abroad are also a priority choice of many tourists. Especially, in the context of destinations such as Thailand and Bali (Indonesia), China is “competing” to stimulate demand and reduce prices to attract Vietnamese tourists, domestic tourism is difficult to avoid competition.

“In order for domestic tourism not to lose its advantages, it is very necessary to maintain a stable travel price, but most importantly, to stabilize the airfare. Because if the airfare price increases, tourists will compare and choose… There are a connection between airlines, travel companies, travel service providers and, above all, the general policy of the state to support the tourism industry so that it has a tourism stimulus program is big and attractive enough,” he said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc An.

Mr. Vo Anh Tai, Deputy General Manager of Saigon Tourism Corporation (Saigontourist Group), said that it is necessary to make a strong impression on tourists through large-scale off-peak stimulus programs, based on a substantial business participation. and regulatory support from the Government and management agencies.

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