La Voz runner-up dies at 37

La Voz runner-up dies at 37

Sheet Sohu Report male singer Truong Hang Vien passed away at the age of 37 due to illness. The sad news was confirmed by artist Duong Loi and MC Dai Ngung to the media. Hang Yuan’s funeral was held by his family in his hometown of Guizhou, China, on June 18, and he was buried on the same day.

According to many sources, the reason for the runner-up The Voice of China (The Voice of China) season 2 died of melanoma. In May, the disease seriously affected the health of the male singer, he was hospitalized for treatment, and the situation worsened.

La Voz runner-up dies at 37-1 years old
Truong Hang Vien

Many friends, colleagues, and fans sent their condolences when they heard that Truong Hang Vien passed away.

In March 2022, Truong Hang Vien married singer Tat Ha after 9 years of love. The couple welcomed their first child, born in August of the same year, who is not yet a year old. Recently, the singer’s wife has taken care of her seriously ill husband and a newborn baby.

La Voz runner-up dies at 37-2 years old
Truong Hang Vien and Tich Ha got married in March 2022.

Truong Hang Vien (born 1986) is a Chinese singer-songwriter. In 2013 he joined the chinese voice season 2 under the direction of coach Uong Phong (husband Zhang Ziyi). In the end, Truong Hang Vien won the runner-up.

The singer has released many musical works. The Heir, Black Wings… Also, he became famous for performing the song heaven riot family in the film of the same name with the participation of many famous actors.

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