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Korea develops micro-satellite system

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Korea to develop microsatellite system by 2030. Photo:

This microsatellite system development project is an interdisciplinary cooperation project with the participation of the Ministry of National Defense, the Defense Procurement Program Administration (DAPA), the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Information and Communications, Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS).

The above project is implemented in the city of Daejeon of Korea, according to which in the first half of this year, the government of this country will choose a company specializing in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) verification satellites to launch verification satellites. in the second half of 2026, followed by satellite launches from 2028.

The deployment of the above satellite system helps to reduce the orbital period of the satellite when performing a reconnaissance mission at a certain location, recording images at a lower cost. The South Korean government believes that the development of this system also helps to quickly collect visual information about nuclear threats as well as critical situations in the waters around the Korean Peninsula.

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