Jennie (BlackPink) has a facial injury

Jennie (Black Pink) has a facial injury - Photo 2.

Jennie (Black Pink) is the first Korean female solo artist to hit 700 million views with MV SOLO


Recently, Jennie posted on Weverse explaining about the injury on her face to avoid surprising and worrying fans. She said she tripped during exercise: “During the short rest period, I took care of my health, ate well and slept well, but unfortunately I stumbled a little while exercising. I want to recover quickly so that BLINKs (BlackPink’s fandom) don’t worry but the wound hasn’t healed yet so I will have to put a bandage on my face for a while. Please forgive me if I feel a bit silly. I want to show everyone a good image but I’m sorry it turned out like this. Everyone, I’ll get better soon so don’t worry and see you soon.”

Jennie (BlackPink) suffered a facial injury - Photo 2.

Jennie often practices pilates to stay in shape

To reassure fans, the female idol added in the comments section of the post, “Everyone really, really don’t have to worry. That’s why… I don’t have time to take pictures of these guys. recently and I was treated every day. I’m sorry BLINK. Now I will try to diligently take photos even with my bandaged face.”

Reportedly BlackPink flew to Malaysia for the next stop of their world tour Born Pink. In this March, the group will also stop in Jakarta (Indonesia), Kaohsiung (Taiwan) and Manila (Philippines), then visit Singapore on May 13.

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