Investors need to calm down after the Binance and FTX deal

With experience in crypto asset investment and Blockchain market analysis, and a senior advisor for many projects applying this technology in Vietnam and internationally, Mr. CEO of AlphaTrue – a company specializing in searching, applying, building Blockchain and decentralized financial solutions in the Fintech field, said that, before the developments of the FTX exchange in recent years, the Binance deal as a backstop measure to save this exchange. This is also one of the opportunities for the “big boys” of the crypto asset market to prove to traditional investors to reduce their doubts about the market’s riskiness.

Mr. Tran Dinh, CEO of AlphaTrue – Photo NVCC

This was confirmed, when the entire market immediately rebounded strongly at the time when CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), made a statement to buy FTX exchange.

However, on the morning of November 10, Binance announced that it would stop pursuing the acquisition of FTX, greatly affecting the confidence of the entire market, it will be even more serious if FTX goes bankrupt and investors. on this floor can completely lose white.

The failure of the above deal has caused a chain effect, when now almost the entire market is panicking, cutting losses, waiting for the next information. This caused the price of a number of cryptocurrencies to continuously plummet in recent days, notably Bitcoin falling to the $15,000 mark or BNB and ETH coins also dropping from 8-10% in value. And the strongest influence is still the FTT coin of the FTX exchange, when the value of this coin has decreased by more than 90% in the past days, many people have also thought of the appearance of the LUNA 2.0 version.

The whole crypto market is in the red – Screenshot

According to Mr. Tran Dinh, with the bad market situation like the current period, in the role of investors, it is necessary to keep calm, restructure assets located on exchanges, withdraw a part of their assets to their wallets. cold (if needed).

As for the digital asset market, this is not new, when the term “crypto winter” has probably taken place for nearly a year now, the most obvious example is the collapse of LUNA coin and the next. FTX this time. The difficulty is that it is currently unknown how bad it will be and how long it will last, in which many forecasts can last until the end of 2023.

Therefore, investors must always keep themselves awake, especially closely monitoring macroeconomic fluctuations, because just a good signal from the traditional financial market, the ability of the asset market to the rewarming number will be very high.

At the same time, it can be said that in the coming time, it will be more difficult for investors to choose their investment portfolio and the market will need some time to recover.

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