In the midst of the ChatGPT fever,

Amid the ChatGPT fever, “Google China” launched a similar chatbot launch plan

Shares of Baidu – the internet company known as “Chinese Google” – hit an 11-month high after it revealed plans to launch an “Ernie Bot” product similar to ChatGPT.

Baidu said it will complete an internal test of a chatbot called
Baidu said it will complete internal testing of the chatbot called “Ernie Bot” in March 2023. Photo: AFP

Shares of Baidu ended February 7 in Hong Kong with a jump of more than 15%, after the company announced it would launch its own artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot called “Ernie Bot” “. Specifically, Baidu shares closed at 162.5 Hong Kong dollars, up 15.33%. This is the highest level for Baidu stock since early 2022.

The company Baidu asserted in a statement that project Ernie Bot will likely complete internal testing in March before going public. Ernie Bot is the name in English, and in Chinese this product is named “Wenxin Yiyan”.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence computer program that went live in late 2022. This super AI engine is developed by OpenAI, a company starting a business based in San Francisco – USA and backed by Microsoft.

Microsoft has poured 1 billion USD into OpenAI and intends to invest more for this project, according to Reuters. The US software developer also wants to integrate OpenAI’s image creation engine into the Bing search service to increase competition with Google.

Baidu’s move comes in the context that ChatGPT is creating a global fever, causing the world’s leading technology firms to simultaneously announce their participation in the race.

Typically, Google recently announced the development of a chatbot called “Apprentice Bard”, in an attempt to compete with the hot rival ChatGPT. Apprentice Bard uses Google’s LaMDA conversation technology and is quite similar to ChatGPT.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, Google is about to launch at least 20 AI products and a chatbot for the search engine this year, with some expected to debut at its regular developer conference. year next May.

Ernie is considered a “big language model” and was announced in 2019. “What distinguishes Ernie from other language models is the extensive integration of knowledge with huge data, resulting in exceptional ability to understand and create,” Baidu revealed.

“Since then, it (Ernie – BTV) has evolved into a series of advanced large models capable of handling a wide variety of tasks, such as language comprehension, language generation, and text-to-form generation. photos,” added Baidu.

In a presentation earlier this year, Baidu CTO Haifeng Wang emphasized the importance of deep learning at the core of artificial intelligence and that it is showing “increasingly powerful potential”.

“If you can make the most of these content creation capabilities, then you can accomplish many of the important tasks of film production,” said Hua Wu, chairman of Baidu’s Technology Committee. evaluate the ability of artificial intelligence to create content.

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