I will not give up my love for my boss.

I will not give up my love for my boss.

I am the author of the article: “I like my boss but I don’t dare to confess my feelings”, I would like to share more so that you understand it better.

I like to speak frankly and truthfully, I don’t want to leave a bad image. I’m not an immature girl, I’ve been living in Saigon for more than ten years, I’ve had six or seven relationships and I’m almost 30 years old, so I’m not naive anymore. I know my position, where I am, what I want and need, what my feelings are. When I wrote the above article, I was also afraid that people would think I was an opportunist, but I still wrote it.

My feelings for him are real, not because I took a chance or saw that he was a director. The feeling of attachment when I first met him was when I didn’t know he was a director, but I found out later. Also, why can’t I love the director? The lover I just broke up with is also a director, my previous lovers were also department heads, managers, people with good properties and careers. I have good looks and education, what’s wrong with that?

I’ve always had a good relationship, I’ve never been a two-way bet, and it’s only after breaking up that I meet someone else, and the same goes for my last lover. After learning my boss’s story, I kept thinking about him and felt like I couldn’t give my lover my full attention. I said goodbye to that person firmly. I’m not disqualified, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a suitable and satisfying job. After going through several companies, when I came to his company, I really enjoyed the work and enjoyed the work environment here, I wanted to stay at the company for a long time.

I think joining your company is destiny. The person interviewing me is the manager, not you. After working for a while, I had the opportunity to meet him. The first time I saw him I was attracted by his rough appearance and his masculine face, I was very impressed, then I discovered that he was a director. I was single at the time, so there was nothing wrong with wanting to meet him. It wasn’t a quick feeling, I cared for him persistently for a long time even though I had very few opportunities to interact with him.

I met the girl I loved unrequitedly. After a few months working at her company, she came to the company as a client. With a woman’s senses, I could clearly see that he had an unrequited crush on her, because he invited her to her office, not to her place to communicate with her clients. Just by looking at him I knew she was someone special to him. He designs and is directly in charge of all stages. Thanks to that I had the opportunity to work and discuss with him. I see this as destiny.

Actually, I think your friend’s sister is just beautiful, but because of her temperament, she becomes special. I feel safe because I am also beautiful, I understand male psychology, many people have chased me before, only I refused, no one has ever rejected me. He loves her unrequitedly, it’s not that they are both in love with her. I think I will conquer you. All my exes are good and love me very much, but no one has ever made me feel like I should be attached to them. I felt like he was my last stop, so I was determined to meet him. As time went by, I slowly lost hope because he wasn’t paying attention to me. He was of marriageable age and my parents who lived far from home also urged me a lot, so I agreed to meet someone else, but my feelings for him are still there.

I feel like I meet all your criteria. He didn’t ask for much. I see myself as a good candidate, there is no need to imitate her because that is the temperament that cannot be imitated, I also have my own values. I even consider myself more suitable to be his wife because she worked in the same industry as him and I can help him in his work. I am skilled in communicating and understanding men because I have more experience in love. I understand the physiology of men, I understand what they want and need.

From the first moment I looked at him I had the feeling that although he was cold, he was probably very lonely and I also wanted to warm his heart. I am sure that I can be a good wife and mother worthy of you. I also wanted you to read the previous article, but maybe you haven’t read it yet. I also don’t expect you to read this article. I will confess my feelings to you at the right time and I will not give up without trying. Thanks for reading my article.

Thanh Truc

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