I have a headache because students cheat on exams with invisible ink

Students cheat because they want to have good academic results to easily find a job after graduation – Photo: Shutterstock

This ink appears when available ultraviolet ray (UV light) shines in. When entering the exam room, candidates will use a small lamp to shine UV rays on the paper to copy. This new technology is often used by university students to bypass the supervisor, according to The Telegraph.

The warning about new exam cheating technology comes in a report by experts at the UK Higher Education Watchdog (OIA). They say exam cheating is becoming more sophisticated because students are looking for better academic results to get good jobs in an increasingly competitive labor market.

The OIA revealed a typical cheating situation involving a female law student in 2016. She recorded her knowledge in a book that contained British law.

For law students, such law books are allowed to be brought into the exam room for reference. However, they must first submit it to the superintendent to make sure nothing has been entered.

The female student used invisible ink to write 24 pages of knowledge in the book and used a small lamp to shine UV rays to Copy throughout the exam. The supervisor discovered the fraud later.

The report did not say which school the student was attending and how many times he had used the cheat. The university side punished the female student by canceling the exam results of all the subjects she participated in.

Professor Alan Smithers at the University of Buckingham (UK) warned schools to be more careful in monitoring exams because what was found could be just the tip of the iceberg.

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