Hundreds of people poisoned by Phuong bread: Proposal to suspend operations 3

Hundreds of people poisoned by Phuong bread: Proposal to suspend operations 3

The afternoon of September 27, discussed with PV YouthMr. Duong Dat, Chief Inspector of the Health Department of Quang Nam Province, said that in relation to the case of hundreds of people who suffered food poisoning from eating Phuong bread (in Hoi An City), the Department of Health proposed and recommended: The president of the Provincial People’s Committee made the decision to address the administrative violations regarding food safety in this establishment.

According to Mr Dat, on September 25, the Food Safety and Hygiene Department (Food Hygiene) of Quang Nam Province chaired and invited the owner of Phuong bread factory to work. At the meeting, the Provincial Department of Hygiene and Food Safety reported the entire incident and announced the results of testing samples of Nha Trang Pasteur Institute and violations of Phuong bread facilities.

Hundreds of people were poisoned by eating Phuong bread: Installation suspended for 3-5 months - Photo 1.

Authorities took samples of Phuong’s bread and sent them to the Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang for analysis.

“At the meeting, the owner of the Phuong pan establishment also agreed with the content of the report and the proposed sanctions. The owner of the establishment seriously takes responsibility for the consequences, actively coordinates to find the cause and overcome the incident (visits , support for victims), complying with suspension of operations, administrative sanctions, however, they also expressed that they are very proactive in solving problems after the incident. poisoning “This happens, we should ask the authorities to consider extenuating circumstances,” Mr Dat said.

Regarding the proposals of the owner of the facility, at the meeting the representatives of the functional organizations took them into account, but since they were outside their competence to resolve, they proposed the president of the Provincial People’s Committee to consider and decide them.

“On the part of the health sector, when we received the information, we urgently carried out a verification and investigation to clearly understand the case. Currently the report was also sent, but the date of issuance of the sanctioning decision is not yet known. We are also waiting,” Mr. Dat shared and said: base pan phung It also violated 5 standards regarding food safety and hygiene. Therefore, the administrative fine ranges from 80 million VND to more than 110 million VND. Among them, the most serious mistake is poisoning more than 5 people (which is not serious enough to be prosecuted for criminal liability) and will be additionally punished by suspension of all production, processing and business activities. This facility’s food supply is 3 – 5 months.

This is also the level of recommendation and proposed sanction along with mitigating circumstances for the Phuong bread facility that should be considered by the chairman of the Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee.

Phuong Bread Factory must also cover all costs of handling food poisoning, as well as the costs of examination and treatment of all poisoning victims.

The Department of Food Safety and Hygiene of Quang Nam province reported that the total number of people poisoned by eating Phuong bread is 313 people, including 103 foreigners. The number of people admitted to the emergency rooms of medical centers in Quang Nam province and Da Nang city is 273 people; There are 40 people treated at their homes and reported by telephone.

After eating Phuong bread, most people have symptoms of poisoning such as abdominal pain, frequent loose stools (more than 10 times), vomiting, high fever…

Hundreds of people poisoned by Phuong bread: Proposal to suspend operations for 3-5 months - Photo 2.

Phuong bread is familiar to international tourists

As Youth reported that on the afternoon of September 12, after receiving information that 5 people from a family showed signs of food poisoning from eating bread at Phuong Bakery, the Department of Hygiene and Food Safety of Quang Nam Province took samples and He sent them to the Pasteur Institute. Nha Trang offered to support the tests. The Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang analyzed 12 food samples and 1 stool sample.

According to sample testing results from Nha Trang Pasteur Institute, the main cause of food poisoning after eating Phuong bread is due to the pork sample (food in the bread filling) taken on September 11 (and taken a reference sample on September 11). the morning of September 12) positive/25g for Salmonella spp. This result was tested through saved food samples and stool samples from food poisoning patients.

Salmonella spp bacteria are the cause of many cases of food poisoning, including many large-scale cases around the world.

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