How will the billionaire’s play be different?

In addition to being the president of various companies and a billionaire meme-savvy, Elon Musk is also a gamer. In the latest series of Twitter posts, we learned what game Musk is up to these days.

Rarely slow in running the trend, Musk is also immersed in the blockbuster Elden Ring, which is very popular with gamers. When asked for advice regarding Elden Ring, the billionaire revealed a few things about how to build his character, and made some comments based on individual gameplay.

Elon Musk also plays the Elden Ring.  Let's analyze the character and gameplay of the billionaire gamer - Photo 1.

Post by Elon Musk on Twitter.

If you have ever played Elden Ring and understand the game mechanics, you will quickly realize that Elon Musk’s gameplay is not too intensive. Obviously, the Twitter boss is amusing himself by building the character to his liking, not intentionally looking for a way to build the character as cool as possible.

Let’s go into Musk’s character analysis in the Elden Ring world:

Main Stats/Character Class

Int/Dex build, so mostly mage with some weapon skills.

Built in the Int/Dex style, so it’s almost like a magician with some weapon skills.

Elon Musk…

Int stat, short for Intelligence – Intelligence will help increase damage from spells and weapons with magical elements. Dex stat, short for Dexterity – Flexibility helps the character’s magic casting speed to be a little higher.

For the purpose of building the character of the magician, Musk will certainly need to add as much Int points as possible. In addition to magic cast with a wand in his left hand, Musk also holds a weapon that deals physical damage in his right hand. According to the billionaire, he also added skills to each weapon.

This skill attachment mechanism was newly developed for Elden Ring. If you attach a magic skill to a weapon, it will also increase magic damage according to the inherently high Int stat.


Shield in left hand, staff in right with rapier & claws fast switch.

Left-handed shield, right-handed wand with thin blade and claws.

Elon Musk…

Elon Musk plays Elden Ring in the style of a war mage, with his right hand holding up to three different weapons. Musk’s character will constantly switch between a wand – a weapon required to cast spells, a sharp blade to poke enemies, and a weapon shaped like Wolverine’s sharp claws.

Elon Musk also plays the Elden Ring.  Let's analyze the character and gameplay of the billionaire gamer - Photo 4.

The Elden Ring’s Swipe Weapon.

Possessing up to two specialized melee weapons, Musk’s character certainly fights a lot. That’s why Musk uses a shield in his left hand, to block damage when rushing into the danger zone.

Move talismans around a lot.

Change amulets constantly.

Elon Musk…

Elden Ring players can also equip a special item, which is a charm that enhances many skills and stats of the character. Each charm will improve a certain mechanism, and Musk “judges” between a variety of charms to suit the context.

For example, when fighting a boss, Musk can equip charms to help reduce damage and increase health. When adventuring in the open world or in the dungeon, he can equip buffs such as increasing damage, mana and health regeneration with each enemy he kills.


Many small hits in a row to damage stack is important.

It is important to hit many small shots continuously to stack into big damage.

Elon Musk…

Elon Musk advises players to hit multiple shots continuously to accumulate for great damage. Perhaps Musk’s intention was to avoid launching strong attacks, which take time to gather, not as quickly as small attacks.

Elden Ring, or any other soul-like game, tests the player’s patience. You have to squeeze every bit of the strong enemy’s health, while just receiving a few hits from the boss is the character already measuring the floor. Gamers need to roll, jump and dodge attacks accurately to avoid damage, and at the same time take advantage of the enemy’s loopholes to return the blow. Accumulate small to great, keep working hard to dodge and poke blood, every enemy must be defeated.



Elon Musk…

Elden Ring possesses a new mechanism, which is to summon warrior souls to help players overcome difficulties. This overpowering skill can both be a bait for the enemy to ignore you, and can also deal a decent amount of damage.

Elon Musk also plays the Elden Ring.  Let's analyze the character and gameplay of the billionaire gamer - Photo 8.

In the Elden Ring, you can find the Mimic Tear item, which can summon a copy of yourself.


Musk’s build may not work, but in the gaming community there are people who break the island with just a loincloth and a basic pestle, so practically any character building will work.

Whatever you wear, what spells you cast, how you play, you can break the island (as long as you roll, jump and dodge the attack correctly). That is the difficulty, the good, and the freedom that Elden Ring brings.

(According to Young Intellectuals)

At the age of 14, Elon Musk helped his mother buy stocks and made 3 times the profit

At the age of 14, Elon Musk helped his mother buy stocks and made 3 times the profit

From a young age, Elon Musk showed an aptitude for business when he advised his mother to buy stocks.

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