How to snap a man out of your life

Breaking up was part of love when we were young. But how to break up to be safe for themselves is something many parents forget to teach their daughters. So many girls have to die. So many girls have to suffer psychological trauma, sometimes for a lifetime, when they encounter boyfriends who like to use their lives to punish girls for breaking up with him. So many girls become victims of terrorism long after the breakup. And how many girls can’t even get rid of toxic love affairs. Even when those girls become wives, how many divorces destroy a life or a lifetime women that?

Make sure your daughter remembers this:

Love is painless. Pain is not love. Don’t believe in relationships that cause pain. Love is happiness. If you are happy, then you should love again. There is no happiness from pain, you have to take it! Don’t believe the sloppy language. True love is not always rosy but it is certainly not a dark, gray color.

Parting too. There are no pink breakups, but not all breakups are gray and black. It’s about how we let the breakup unfold.

The first is to understand what type of person your boyfriend is. A guy who is a bit crazy, has a low EQ, is not able to control his emotions (the type of man should not start). Or a guy who is aggressive and likes to lose. Or a melancholy guy who doesn’t know how to appreciate himself, his life. They’re all guys that should be thrown in the trash. It’s true that young men often do, and so do I, so one more indicator that experienced parents can tell their daughter: Your boyfriend’s daily growth. Did he change himself for the sake of his children? Become more responsible? Is there a roadmap for his own future and execute it on the right track? Understanding a person can only break them up in a healthy and civilized way. To love is to understand. I don’t understand why I’m not in love. Feeling in love is just the beginning, love is a process of understanding each other.

Many little girls always feel broken up is a pain in the face. Wrong! Breaking up has no HAS or BENEFITS. Breaking up is simply that we love each other. If I finish before them or I finish after them, it’s still done. It takes a long time to go from friend to love, so it takes about the same time to change from love to you.

Is to let the flame of the other party’s love cool down. Don’t give any more hope. It’s not a joke, borrow another boy to make your boyfriend give up on you or even break up with a sudden breakup, or try to be a kind, loving girl. Be yourself. It’s just that I’m just not suitable for my boyfriend.

Is to dilute this relationship. How to fade away and minimize the future of the two of you. Tell each other honestly about our feelings, but that’s not why I want to break up with you. That’s why we can’t go any further. Is to stop a relationship. Also, don’t immediately go public with a new relationship. Don’t turn yourself into a newbie. By appreciating what both of them have experienced is also a way for the other side not to see themselves as… a victim but hateful.

Learning how to break up civilized is also a way to protect yourself. Don’t blame the other person and don’t blame yourself. We just fell in love, that’s all. They still have a lot of good things, just that goodness is not what I need on my way anymore.

Hoang Anh Tu

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