How to exercise during the corona epidemic to improve health?

According to former National Muay Thai coach Tran Trung Son, exercise exercise divided into 2 components. People who practice regularly and those who do not exercise regularly.
In people who exercise regularly, health is better than normal people, the body will have good flexibility and elasticity. The muscles in the body react quickly. In addition, when exercising, sweat also releases many toxins and helps Improve physical strength and resistance disease resistance is also better. People who do not exercise regularly, the body is prone to fatigue, weakness and weak resistance.

According to Coach Tran Trung Son, muscle tension exercises help promote more blood movement in the body, increasing flexibility between muscle groups.

Back stretch movement

Stretching abdominal muscles, done a lot in yoga exercises

Thigh muscle stretch

However, many young people question if they are afraid to go out, go to crowded places in the city corona epidemic season How to exercise? Coach Tran Trung Son believes that young people can practice at home with simple movements or can practice with many easy-to-find tools.
In the case of practicing at home, there is a small space where young people can practice jumping rope, pull up barbells, practice with a ball, and dumbbells. If there are no tools, young people can practice by themselves with movements from light warm-up, muscle tension to a series of moderate exercise exercises.

Exercises that only need 2-3 m2

In muscle tension exercises, movement only needs an area of ​​​​about 2-3 m2 can practice comfortably. For a busy person, a day can spend about 30 to 40 minutes of exercise is enough and depends on each person’s condition.

In terms of stretching exercises, it is similar to practicing yoga. This is a light exercise, helping to relax the muscles for those who are lazy. Accordingly, the muscle will be stretched from bottom to top or from top to bottom. From feet to hips, to shoulders to neck. Then slowly increase the level of movement, foot rhythm in place.

Movements in the chain of cardio jumps combined with push-ups

Jumping movement combines thigh muscles

Plank exercises help strengthen limbs, increase muscle tone and improve concentration

The movement to raise the thigh in place

Those who have practiced regularly can be divided into compound exercises. Quantitative averaging of movement with cardio exercise. For those who practice regularly, a movement in the cardio complex can be performed about 10 to 15 times. Inactive people do about 8 times in a cardio sequence lasting about 5 minutes. When you get used to it, the practitioner will do a continuous cardio sequence once and then take a breather.

According to coach Tran Trung Son, this exercise is only for the sake of making the body healthier on days when it is difficult to go out. In addition, to have good health depends on many factors such as eating, supplementing the body with nutrients, in parallel with sports practice.

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