Harmful effects of potato chips if eaten in excess

Harmful effects of potato chips if eaten in excess

According to an article in the Health and Life Newspaper, potatoes are a healthy food, but pray different. On average, a potato dish contains up to 365 calories and 17g of fat, so this content accounts for 26% of human needs.

A hidden danger when eating potato chips is acrylamide. Acrylamide is a chemical produced when starchy foods such as potatoes are fried or cooked at high temperatures. This formation is a reaction that produces Acrylamide – a substance that can cause cancer and is fatal.

According to one study, foods high in fat and refined carbohydrates like potato chips can be addictive. The risk of premature death was recorded in those who ate potato chips more than twice a week.

If it is consumed in excess, potato chips can cause harm to health. Here are 5 harmful effects of potato chips health if you eat too much.

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Harmful effects of potato chips. (Example)

Harmful effects of potatoes on health

Uncontrolled weight gain

Potatoes are one of the foods with the most calories. The recipe for french fries will add a lot of calories to this meal. This can increase the risk of obesity and lead to serious health problems, especially in sedentary people.

The risk of diabetes increases

French fries can increase insulin resistance and lead to type 2 diabetes. In a 20-year study of women with no history of chronic disease, it was found that regular consumption of potato juice increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

No snacks

If you feed your child potatoes all the time, they will not get enough nutrition to meet physical needs during this stage of development. This junk food has no vitamins or minerals and instead takes the form of a nutrient-dense diet. So, if you choose this instead of a nutrient-dense snack for your baby, your baby will not get enough nutrition.

Increases cholesterol

Most potato chips are deep fried, a process that produces trans fats, the most dangerous type of fat. In addition, the oils used in potatoes are usually saturated fat, which also increases cholesterol levels.

A 2007 study found that high levels of trans fats in the blood are linked to higher LDL cholesterol levels and a greater risk of heart disease. High levels of trans fats in the diet are associated with high blood cholesterol.


Potatoes contain acrylamide, toxins and cigarette smoke. When exposed to high temperatures due to the frying process, Acrylamide can cause cancer. Regular consumption of potato chips can increase the risk of kidney cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.

Above are the negative effects of potato chips on your health if you eat too much.

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