Hanoi coach compares Thai League and V-League championships

“Wherever I or any coach go, winning championships is never easy. In the Thai League playground, although I have won the cup and have records, I dedicate this credit to the players. There will be comparisons of Thai League or V-League, but no working environment is easy. Sure. Fans can Hanoi just experienced a difficult match with the Hanoi Police”, coach Bandovic shared.

The Montenegrin strategist’s speech was set in the context that he and Hanoi had just defeated Hanoi Police 2-0 in the second round of the V-League 2023. A difficult match for the champion, and thanks to the support of the champions. The brilliance of captain Van Quyet in the second half of the second half, with a new double goal, helped the whole team to win the song. This is also the first victory of Mr. Bandovic in the top division of Vietnamese football, and temporarily brings Hanoi to second place with 4 points.

Despite winning, the 53-year-old leader is still not satisfied. He said: “People also have to admit that we have only had about 15 days of working together. The way we want to show it also takes time, football can’t have shortcuts. I’ve only had 3 matches against strong opponents. I give everything to the players, they show what they can do.”

Vietnamese football - Hanoi coach compares Thai League and V-League championships

Bandovic continued: “I wanted a faster rhythm, control of the game. The tempo is still slow. My players can do that. Merit for the player. Now we are happy and enjoying, tomorrow we will return to focus on preparing for the next match. My players know what they have to improve. Thank you fans for your support. And I also wish the best for my opponent today.”

After 2 derbies in the capital, with 1 win and 1 draw, Mr. Bandovic had his first impressions of Vietnamese football. “The three games we just played were very difficult. Vietnamese football is good. I always focus on my team first. We still have important things to do. I believe the last three games have been difficult. I just tell the players to play 200%. We are champions, a good team, the opponents respect and want to win us. So we have to make an effort. The teams in the V-League are all good and strong,” he emphasized.

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