Half a million Russian troops and 1,800 tanks will attack Ukraine in which direction?

Sign of Russia sending many soldiers, tanks and large artillery to finish Donbass

Military officials Ukraine said that Russia is preparing to launch a new and powerful attack in the next 10 days, mobilizing the participation of 500,000 conscripts and thousands of weapons and weapons (including 1,800 tanks). with the goal of controlling the entire Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine (previously Russia had announced the annexation of the Donbass region into its territory).

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Russian tanks fire artillery on the battlefield of Ukraine. Photo: Military ops.

Ukrainian officials as well as foreign analysts have predicted for weeks that the Kremlin is preparing for a decisive strike to make sure. battlefield initiative and won a big victory when it was the year of the “special military operation” launched by Russia on February 24, 2022.

“We expect that big attack to happen in the next 10 days,” an unnamed Ukrainian defense official told Foreign Policy magazine.

According to the official, Russia has assembled about 1,800 tanks, 3,950 armored vehicles, 2,700 artillery systems, 810 multiple launch rocket systems, 400 fighters and 300 helicopters.

In an interview with a French TV channel, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that Russia will send 300,000-500,000 troops into the battle in the coming weeks.

The Ukrainian side assessed that this number of recruits would create an overwhelming advantage for Russia in terms of numbers.

Experts predict that the Russian offensive in the spring will focus on the Donetsk and Lugansk provinces (in the Donbass region), which have witnessed the fiercest fighting in the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Lugansk Governor Serhiy Haidai said on February 7 that enemy troops were trying to capture the city of Kreminna and the nearby village of Bilohorivka.

“We are working to push back their breakthrough efforts:” Haida commented on television.

The Washington-based Institute for War Studies (USA) recently updated that the Russian military command may be rushing to launch a large-scale offensive to conquer Donetsk.

Observers assess that the Kremlin is racing against time to gain more military advantages before the main battle tanks and long-range missiles of the US and Europe can reach the Ukrainian battlefield. It is expected that the lots aid weapons will go to Ukraine as early as March.

Speaking on Ukraine’s national television channel, Andriy Yusov – spokesman of the General Department of Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, assessed that it is likely that the Russian side will escalate military operations and try to disperse and stretch forces. volume of Ukraine.

Yuriy Fedor, commander of an air reconnaissance company of Ukrainian artillery in the east, said that the large number of Russian artillery gathered here indicates that an uncompromising firestorm is about to come. But he also said that the Ukrainian side is using counter-fire to respond.

The Ukrainian army is continuing to build up its arsenal and train tens of thousands of soldiers to be ready for the upcoming big battle. However, it will take several months for some modern Western weapons to reach the Ukrainian battlefield, while the Russian army is advancing early.

Opening activities, clearing the way

Meanwhile, the opening phase of Russia’s new offensive in eastern Ukraine increased in size and intensity.

According to Ukrainian officials, the Russian divisions, which are better trained and equipped, have coordinated with tens of thousands of new recruits to be mobilized into the army to try to break through Ukraine’s defenses.

Russian forces are attacking from many directions along the Eastern Front. The pace of the fighting is expected to increase as Russia pours more shells at enemy positions to assist infantry in creating more passages between towns and villages.

In recent days, one of the most intense areas of fighting has been in the area of ​​​​the city of Kremina, where Russia is trying to push back Ukrainian troops. Kremina is small but an important area in the Donbass region.

“Russian forces are trying to develop in the direction of Kreminna, to break through our lines,” said Serhiy Haidai.

The Russian attacks in Kreminna are also a signal that Moscow is trying to thin out Ukrainian forces, which are currently straining to stop the Russian advance in the city of Bakhmut, 48km to the south.

Strategically, analysts say, Kreminna could be even more important than Bakhmut as Kreminna is the gateway to the larger city of Lyman to the west and to Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk to the southeast.

Ukrainian forces pushed the Russians out of Lyman in the fall of 2022, and the Russian advance then stopped in the pine forest on the outskirts of Kreminna. And Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk are important industrial centers that Russia has gained control of after a fierce campaign in the summer of 2022. These places are both crucial to Russia’s efforts to conquer the whole. Donbass region.

Faced with this fact, President of Ukraine Zelensky actively carried out diplomatic activities in Europe to mobilize countries in this region to supply Ukraine with powerful new weapons. In recent weeks, Mr Zelensky has doubled down on his efforts to convince allies to supply the Eastern European country with fighter jets.

During a surprise visit to Europe on February 7, Zelensky asked British Prime Minister Sunak to supply Kiev with fighter jets. Zelensky then met with French President Macron and German Chancellor Scholz to discuss Ukraine’s military needs.

Fighter jets are a sensitive topic among Western leaders, who fear their supply could lead to a head-to-head confrontation between Russia and NATO.

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