HAGL loses victory because of “old man”

The heavy rain that fell on the Binh Duong field before the ball rolled directly affected the quality of the match. But not so that there is a lack of “delicious” opportunities created by both sides towards each other’s goal. It took 7 minutes for the away team HAGL hit the first shot. From Brandao’s pass, Oliveira turned to finish in the penalty area B.Binh Duong sent the ball wide of the goal.

Five minutes later, the home team had a response, when Hai Quan finished the live ball after Tien Linh’s pass but found the right position of goalkeeper Tuan Linh. In the first half, HAGL controlled the ball better. However, as mentioned, it was raining and the pitch was wet, making the ball phase of the Nui street team extremely monotonous and easy to catch.

Vietnam football - HAGL lost victory because of

In the 45+1 minute, Thanh Binh missed an unbelievable opportunity to give HAGL the lead. The away team counter-attacked with Bao Toan’s annoying cross to let Thanh Binh hit the ball and miss the center of the ball from less than 3m away. The score 0-0 was preserved until the end of the first half.

B.Binh Duong pushed up the squad at the beginning of the second half. This caused the home team to reveal a gap in the defense for HAGL to exploit successfully in the 51st minute. From Quang Nho’s precise pass, Ngoc Quang controlled and then finished dangerously. beat goalkeeper Minh Toan, opening points for HAGL.

The lead goal added to the spirit of the Nui street team. In the 56th and 62nd minutes, goalkeeper Minh Toan’s brilliant reflexes before Paollo’s two shots saved B.Binh Duong from the second goal. Even 56 minutes, the ball bounced off the home team’s goal post. a messy situation.

Vietnamese football - HAGL lost victory because of

B.Binh Duong revived the squad after consecutive stops of the opponent. Coach Lu Dinh Tuan’s students pushed up the squad with the mentality of “all or nothing”. The pressure was increased by B.Binh Duong at the end of the game, but HAGL’s defense was still standing. It was thought that the Nui team had taken 3 points to leave the land of Thu, but 3 minutes before the match ended, Tuan Linh’s net had to shake.

Tien Linh shot from close to the forbidden area but could not win against Tuan Linh, Rimario was present at the right time to kick back the old club, thereby fixing the 1-1 draw of the match. This is also the 2nd draw in a row from the beginning of the tournament for B.Binh Duong and HAGL.

Starting lineup:

Binh Duong: Minh Toan, Thanh Long, Du Dat, Navy, Tuan Canh, Trung Hieu, Dinh Khuong, Moses, Rimario, Tien Linh, Joan Barcelos Nogueira.

HAGL: Tuan Linh, Van Son, Diakite, Quang Nho, Thanh Nhan, Thanh Binh, Tuan Anh, Ngoc Quang, Bao Toan, Paollo, Brandao.

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