Guardiola: ‘Kyle Walker doesn’t suit my new system’

Guardiola: ‘Kyle Walker doesn’t suit my new system’


John Stones has the requisite certainty and composure that coach Pep Guardiola expects.

Over the last few months, coach Guardiola has preferred a scheme with a wing-back who often sticks out in the middle to help midfielder Rodri in case midfielders Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan or Bernardo Silva come to support the attack. 4-2-3-1 becomes 3-2-4-1. After letting Cancelo leave for Bayern Munich on loan in January, the Spaniard tried Bernardo at left-back and forward, but his form lacked as Kyle Walker did not complete his duties in defense 3. And now, usually in the 7-0 win over RB Leipzig or 4-1 against Liverpool, the abundance of centre-backs laid the groundwork for him to use John Stones in the high right-back position, and the England keeper helped with that. a plan that will be executed perfectly.

Coach Guardiola recently admitted it was not the right role for Walker and caused problems for the 32-year-old England right-back: “Kyle just can’t do it. He’s always been the quickest player. But to play deep you have to make other moves. with a trait that Kyle does not have. Previously, Kyle played as a wing-back in a back four, opposite Joao Cancelo or Aleks Zinchenko. With that game, Kyle did very well, but with three at the back and two in the middle, he couldn’t do it well. Kyle can play inside and he has done it many times, but there is no consistency throughout the game, but like Rodri and John did against Liverpool. Kyle may need time to adapt, but we haven’t had time to experiment.”

Stones previously struggled when asked to boost the midfield, but now the 28-year-old collector is playing quite smoothly. Coach Guardiola added: “The system before was completely different and he was difficult on tests. Now we train more, he knows more, our habits are better. It’s a new position for John so he is also more focused. When you play as a defender center or in any other position, you see the game from behind, it’s completely different than when you are surrounded in the middle. Some of the moves and processes are more difficult. That’s why I appreciate what John is doing.”


So Kyle Walker with his speed power is not suitable to play in a weak position.

When asked what Walker needs to do to regain his place, coach Guardiola added: “Be yourself. Well coached, he once said he could play in a back three. This gift is for tactical reasons. It’s not that we have lost faith in Kyle. I am always ask 2 things of my friends – don’t complain and try to do better every day so when i need them they are ready.Take a look at Nathan Ake.

Last season he didn’t play a minute and now he is unbeatable. It’s always been the way I do things. No one has a guaranteed position from me. Players have to work hard to earn their place, and sometimes have to try to adapt if we need a different playset.”

Man.City will likely continue to operate this scheme against Southampton on Saturday, as they need to smooth it over before welcoming arch-rivals Bayern Munich to the Etihad in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final on Tuesday.

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