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GNTEK Vietnam – supplier of smart devices that enhance life

GNTEK Vietnam – supplier of smart devices that enhance life

Not only do they work on demand, they come with easy communication methods suitable for everyone, they also give you the power to manage your healthy life simply.

Technology has truly improved the quality of life, making a difference in the operation of smart household appliances. We can completely control everything in life, for our health, comfort, or just great experiences.

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Smart devices use smartphones to create ecosystems – improving lives

Xiaomi has been a pioneer in enhancing the user experience with these devices, thereby creating a standard formula for popularizing smart devices.

Within this operating system is the MiUI Smart Living system with a series of features including Mi Work, Mi Health, Mi Go, Mi Home, and many other interactive features between devices within the same ecosystem. . All aimed at making controlling smart devices via Xiaomi smartphones smoother and seamless.

With simple steps integrated into personal smartphones, customers can use almost all smart devices in their homes anytime, anywhere.

This is a smart move to get closer to the trend of smart device usage for young families as life gets improved and becomes more convenient.

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GNTEK Vietnam- supplier of smart devices

With the dream of turning every home into a home to return to, GNTEK Vietnam Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers in the field of providing practical smart devices for every family.

With an understanding of future technology that enhances the vitality of homes, especially homes for young families, there is nothing simpler than comfortable living. how to implement, use and meet diverse customer needs.

GNTEK’s first product is the “Smart Home” product line, which includes smart devices such as Massage machinedrive Xiaomishavers, smart devices for hair care, oral care, security cameras, smart controllers and other monitoring devices.

With a wide range of products and high quality, GNTEK is quickly trusted and selected by partners and customers.

GNTEK Vietnam Co., Ltd is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services that best meet customer needs and requirements. At the same time, GNTEK also always strives to improve and improve the quality of products and services to meet continuous technological developments and innovations.

With a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, GNTEK is ready to support and advise customers in the process of using products and services. In particular, GNTEK always puts “heart” in all business activities, to bring customer satisfaction and long-term trust.

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Information contactuh:

GNTEK Vietnam Co., Ltd

Tax code: 0109561268

Place of issue: Hanoi Planning and Investment Department

Address: Nam An Khanh urban area, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

Hotline: 19008168


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