Game commentator 9x before G the Finals of the Computer Arena 2022


– Can you share your upcoming plans in your career as a game commentator?

Currently, my long-term plan is to do more activities with some FPS games to create new playgrounds. In general, I want to create more new activities for the gaming community, not just live broadcast (livestream) and play simply as before.

In addition, if I have the opportunity, I still want to return to my job as a commentator in tournaments, such as the final match of the 2022 Computer Arena on October 22.

– How do you rate the 2022 Computer Arena tournament?

Organized by Intel, and accompanied by leading technology companies, Computer Arena 2022 is one of the largest tournaments ever – held in nearly 30 high-quality game rooms (Cyber ​​Game). ) nationwide, including familiar addresses.

Organizational support units are also no stranger to technology lovers and gamers, this is a professional season for the eSports community.

Bomman is the caster of the 2022 Computer Arena Finals (Bomman caster photo link)
Computer Arena 2022

– This is not the first time Bomman has participated in the annual Computer Arena tournament. Returning, still acting as a caster but for the new game, how do you feel?

The computer arena is an event that is all too familiar to me. The first game that I cast in the Computer Arena was CS: GO, then PUBG. This year, I will be commenting on Valorant. This makes me always feel new and excited when I step into the comment room, because each time I join is a different game, there is no overlap over the years.

Bomman at the Finals of Phase I Computer Arena 2022

– How does Bomman comment on the ability of the teams to participate in the Computer Arena this season? Out of the two teams that are about to enter the finals, which one is the most impressive to you?

This is a community tournament but the players have good personal skills, close to the professional level of Vietnam, especially the teams that go deep because you are quite familiar in semi-professional tournaments or qualifying tournaments. Karma. Of the two teams competing in the finals, I was impressed with PAT Gaming Center, because they had to go to the losing bracket early but still made a strong comeback.

2 teams participate in the final of the Computer Arena

– Which player do you predict will win the MVP on Finale?

I think the MVP will most likely belong to a player playing Duelist or Chamber. Among those players, according to my prediction, Loka’s DOM STORM will most likely be the player with the best stats and achieve MVP.

– What advice do you have for the two teams that are about to compete in the 2022 Computer Arena final?

In finals like this, the most important factor in my opinion is the mentality. The finals will be very different from scrim or online train matches, you only need to choke 1 2 rounds to drift the whole match.

The level of the two teams is similar, but the team with the better mentality, with a captain who knows how to raise the team’s morale, will be the winner.

The grand final of the Computer Arena 2022 with the final battle between the two teams PAT Gamecenter and Loka Esports Complex is about to begin. With the presence of Bomman as a caster, this promises to be the most thrilling match in the gaming industry in 2022.

The event takes place at 13:00 on October 22 at:

– South: X-Stadium Thu Duc: 24 No. 5, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc, HCMC

– North: Vikings Hai Ba Trung: No. 15 Doan Tran Nghiep, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Or follow the live stream of the match on the Computer Arena Fanpage

Quoc Tuan

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