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G7 – 19 years of global conquest

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In the early years of the 21st century, when Vietnam was still a purely agricultural country moving towards an industrialized – modernized economy, global brands had come to Vietnam hundreds of years before. invasive in most nooks and crannies.

In that context, realizing the potential of the land of Buon Ma Thuot and the value of coffee beans here has not received the true value, Founder – Chairman of Trung Nguyen Legend Group Dang Le Nguyen Vu has always considered return, ignite the desire to commit regain the position of Vietnamese coffee brand in the country and pioneer in building a global Vietnamese coffee brand.

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G7 coffee is made from delicious Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee beans that have conquered international consumers, contributing to affirming the position of Vietnamese coffee in the world.

In 1996, the 2.4m wide Trung Nguyen Coffee Company was born in Buon Ma Thuot with the desire to find justice for the Vietnamese coffee industry. From the special roasting and roasting product system that promotes the heritage values ​​of Vietnamese coffee such as creativity, favorite filter processing and a chain of coffee shops spread throughout the provinces of Vietnam, November 23. In 2003, Trung Nguyen Legend Group officially launched the real energy coffee brand G7. Named after the acronym for “Group of Industrial Countries” consisting of 7 developed countries in the world, G7 strongly expresses the aspiration of Vietnamese coffee brand to dominate leading markets, building a new position. worthy for Robusta coffee beans in Buon Ma Thuot globally.

With a starting point of almost “0”: no name, no sales team, no distribution system, no experience, no abundant financial resources,… but G7 made it. the “miracle” when winning a foreign brand with a history of more than 100 years in a blind test with 89% choosing G7 in the Ultimate Festival at the Reunification Palace because of its special and different taste.

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With a different taste, especially from the best Robusta coffee beans in the world, G7 coffee products are very popular with international customers.

Combining the quintessence of the most delicious Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee beans with modern technology and mysterious oriental brewing know-how, G7 coffee has quickly conquered consumers. In particular, in each box of G7 coffee at that time were letters of burning desire for the mighty Vietnam, as a summons for each consumer to join hands to contribute to the development of the country in the new context. Through coffee, Trung Nguyen Legend spreads the message of great aspirations for the country, establishing the worthy title of Vietnam on the world map.

With the Trung Nguyen brand, G7’s creativity, challenge spirit and strong aspirations have become a pioneering flag, inspiring many Vietnamese brands to confidently compete with international products. G7 coffee has received a wide response from all walks of life, young patriots, cultural researchers, elites, economists, media experts, etc. to accompany Vietnamese coffee to reach out to the world. world, as well as the trust of partners and distributors around the world.

That is clearly shown through the sharing of journalist Vu Kim Hanh – Director of the Center for Business Research & Business Support (BSA), a precious friend who is always devoted to bringing Vietnamese brands to the market. international, in the journey “Together with awareness and gratitude” held on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the G7’s birth and the 4th anniversary of the opening of the World Coffee Museum: BILLIONOh very appreciate Trung Nguyen’s partners abroad or in Vietnam, all of them are very loyal to the product Trung Nguyen’s G7 products even though many other partners came to offer cheaper prices. That reflects the G7 of Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu, of Trung Nguyen has very good quality, prestige and it also shows the respect and love of the partner to Trung Nguyen!”

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The first thousands of books of the Life-changing Foundation Bookcase “Think and Grow Rich” were presented to the young generation in the creative festival for Vietnamese aspirations at the Reunification Palace on the 9th anniversary of the G7 launch (November 23rd). .2012).

Not only is a Vietnamese coffee product loved by its excellent quality, G7 genuine energy coffee also accompanies initiating activities to cultivate knowledge and the spirit of daring to dare to aspire to greatness. for generations of entrepreneurs and young people. In which, typical programs such as “Creativity for Vietnamese brand” year 2003, “Building a brand of Vietnamese agricultural products” In 2003, the Foundation was established “Inspired creativity” support youth start-ups in 2005, start the forum “Our country is small or not small” and “Action Day for Great Vietnam” 2005, along with many other programs accompanying the Central Youth Union to support youth start-ups and national construction, typically the program “Creativity for Vietnamese aspirations” with a campaign to donate tens of millions of life-changing foundation books – providing knowledge and formulas for success to young people. Up to now, the program has been developed under the name “Trip tYes heart – Journey lGreat magazine – Start-up to build a nation for 30 million young Vietnamese”spreading widely to young people in all regions of the country.

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“Journey from the heart – A journey of great will – Start-up to build a nation for 30 million Vietnamese youth” has strongly inspired the spirit of daring to commit, dare to aspire big from the success story of G7 to generations of young people across the country.

The success story of G7 has become a “case study” of experts when researching communication and creative strategies of Vietnamese brands, which is included in ASEAN Brand books and in famous magazines such as Financial Times., as well as being taught in prestigious universities in Vietnam and the world.

In the art music night “Gratitude to the Tributes” of the journey “Together with awareness and gratitude”, economist Pham Chi Lan, a precious friend who has accompanied since the early days of Trung Nguyen Legend’s start-up, shared. :”Following the development of Vietnamese businesses for many years now, Trung Nguyen Legend is one of the businesses that left the deepest impression on me and The first businessman that comes to my mind is Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu – an extremely beautiful example for young Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese businessmen not only about their aspirations and talents in business but also about their Dmemory, a heart that thinks about the country, its people, its associates, and inspires many young Vietnamese people.

19 years of brand affirmation Vietnamese Global

19 years of establishment and development (November 23, 2003 – November 23, 2022), up to now, G7 from a fledgling brand has become an iconic coffee brand of Vietnam, present in more than 80 countries and regions territory, becoming the brand chosen to serve in national and international events such as APEC, ASEM, WEF, ASEAN, etc.

On the occasion of the 14th anniversary of G7’s birth, on November 23, 2017, Trung Nguyen Legend officially opened a representative office in Shanghai, China, creating rapid development for G7 in this billion-dollar market and quickly spread around the world. Up to now, G7 has risen to the top of the ranking of the most popular and trusted coffee brands, as well as holding the second largest market share in the online coffee market, with a wide coverage of supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience store chains, e-commerce channels in China.

At the same time, G7 Media – Marketing campaigns carried out in the Chinese market have consecutively won great prizes for creativity and marketing from leading prestigious media units in the Chinese market such as Top Digital Golden Award, Phoenix Tree Award, Tiger Roar Award and IAI… Especially, since the beginning of 2022, more than 800 million cups of G7 and Trung Nguyen Legend coffee have been sold in China, and on average every 18 For every cup of coffee sold, there is 1 cup of coffee from G7 brand, Trung Nguyen Legend. The success of G7 has set the stage for the world space Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee in Shanghai, which opened in September, was honored as the “Best Coffee Shop” in 2022.

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The success of G7 has set the stage for the world space Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee in Shanghai opened in September to be named “Best Coffee Shop” in 2022.

Meanwhile, in the world’s leading economies such as the US, Russia, Japan, Korea… G7 has also rapidly achieved strong growth in recent years. Particularly in Vietnam, G7 continues to affirm as a genuine coffee brand, among the top 3 instant coffee brands chosen to buy the most in the region of 4 key cities and rural areas in 2022.According to the Brand Footprint report of market research unit Kantar).

As one of the precious friends participating in the journey “Together with gratitude and awareness”, musician Duong Thu shared:Since 2009, I have been very impressed when Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu shared about his aspiration to bring Vietnamese coffee brand to the world in his construction project. tCoffee street in Buon Ma Thuot. Now, Trung Nguyen and Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu have created a G7 coffee brand beyond the border of Vietnam and to many countries, voted as a good brand in the international market., especially in China. The G7 brand after 19 years has come a long way!

Inheriting and promoting the spirit of G7, in the new stage of development, Trung Nguyen Legend continues to strive to create new imprints, marking its commitment and unceasing creative spirit with product systems. Brand new Trung Nguyen Legend, product system serving the awakening lifestyle. In particular, the product system for an awake lifestyle has been researched by Trung Nguyen Legend for more than 1,000 days, including the product set of three coffee civilizations Ottoman – Roman – Zen; Coffee Meditation products according to the five spirits of awakening – Aspiration – Strength – Breakthrough – Wealth to help awaken and nourish the spirit of each individual in the journey to pursue their own goals.

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Inheriting and promoting the spirit of G7, a new product system serving an awakened lifestyle brings a different creative experience through the art of contemplation and coffee meditation.

The success of G7 has strongly demonstrated the great aspiration, the spirit of dare to challenge, the spirit of creativity, and the belief in the strength and love of consumers for the Vietnamese brand. Continuing the G7’s 19-year journey of global conquest, Trung Nguyen Legend Group is committed to continuing its efforts to create new imprints, providing the global coffee-loving community with awakening energy towards a new way. A new life awakens, prolonging the story of proud Vietnamese brand with love and gratitude to the homeland of the world’s best Robusta coffee beans from the land of Buon Ma Thuot.

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