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From the image of Mr. Minh, I miss my teacher with tears in my eyes.

From the image of Mr. Minh, I miss my teacher with tears in my eyes.

From the picture of Mr. Minh, I miss my teachers with tears in my eyes - Photo 1.

A picture of Mr. Minh wiping away tears in his last class with the students before leaving – Photo: N.THANG

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As in the article and video clip. youth online published, last lecture, before retiring, Mr. Van Duc Minh, a biology teacher, repeatedly wiped away tears as she said goodbye to students in class 12A13, Hoang Mai (Nghe An) High School. Many readers have remembered the teachers of her.

Crying at the image of Mr. Minh, Dinh Tran readers expressed: They will always remember the intimate moments of the teacher-student relationship. emotional moment. Tomorrow, students will embark on new horizons, but these beautiful memories are unforgettable!

“The last lesson was so full of emotions that they are difficult to describe. Goodbye, teacher! We will always remember you for helping us teach.

Oh! So many memories from many decades ago flash before my eyes. Outside the schoolyard, suddenly the first rain of the season came, the tail of the phoenix fell, some cicadas cried…” Dinh Tran readers shared.

Sharing the same, Phong readers wrote: I read the article about Mr. Minh with tears in my eyes, I missed him even more. teacherincreasingly regretful for immature thoughts with teachers.

It is true that the work of growing people is indescribable. Yes, I would like to send my sincere thanks to all the teachers.

“If you sow goodness, you will find happiness, sow virtue, you will obtain happiness… that is the cause and effect of love, devotion and forgiveness from parents, teachers…”, Vu Tien Manh likes to send the reader a message to teachers

And reader Thieu Vinh Ha expressed: It should still be “Dust Phan”. Spicy vivid eyes! There are still respected teachers and aunts. May the next generations continue to encourage nurseries and plant useful gardens!

Missing professors with stinging eyes

Faced with the image of the last teaching session, saying goodbye to Mr. Minh’s emotional students, many readers remembered their teachers.

“Naturally, I miss my teacher, I miss my teacher. Spicy eyes! When I grow up to be a person, how can I forget, in the past, my teacher taught me, when I was young? I appreciate you, teacher!”, the reader Kim and readers Trinh Ha share the same memory of teachers.

Similarly, remembering their teachers, Khoa readers said: Reading the article brought me to tears. 20 years ago we also witnessed the same image as in the article.

At that time, the teacher who taught us was only on maternity leave, but it was also the last class she taught in our class. Next year, we all graduate.

Seeing her wipe away tears when we wished her good health was touching. For the teacher in the article, her state of mind is even more poignant because she will no longer teach the students. I wish you good health always!

Looking at it from another angle, the elderly reader Pham Thiet Hung said that “half a word is a teacher, one word is also a teacher.” Therefore, parents should educate their children to respect teachers and work with them to teach children to be human.

“During the time my kids were in high school. They also had awkward things about teacher. I find my son’s shortcomings, to show that the teacher’s criticism of him is correct.

I absolutely do not follow my children to criticize the teachers. Therefore, my children are taught by teachers who are dedicated to teaching and properly commenting on their skills so that they can have a better way of teaching their children,” Mr. Pham Thiet Hung wrote.

As a confidant, DucNguyen readers concluded: The teaching profession is one of the most noble professions. I remember the years as a teacher to teach students. Although I have left the education industry, if I get the chance, I still want to work as a teacher.

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