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From 1st May: Checking online registration at all levels

From 1st May: Checking online registration at all levels

This year, Ho Chi Minh City is offering an online application for early childhood registration for all grades of kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 6. The test registration period is from May 1 to May 10. After this period, the system automatically deletes all previous data. Parents must re-register.

Specifically, parents and students access the first level registration system with their identifiers and date, month, and year of birth registered with the local government and educational institution at the address. http://tuyensinhdaucap.hcm.edu.vn.

All information registered from May 11 to May 31 cannot be corrected or changed, except for the date, month and year of birth.

For any incorrect information, parents should contact the education department or local school to correct the information.

If the information is correct, the student’s parents and the student choose a specific location (district, district or Thu Duc city) to register for registration. There, the area participating in the registration is divided into 3 groups, including: by permanent address, by current or temporary residence, and school unit.

The online registration system will automatically rely on stored registration data to generate local results.

In cases of registration based on current/temporary residence and school division, the Admission Steering Committee of Thu Duc City and Districts will give priority to admit enough students from the list allocated according to the children’s integration program to go to class and register for the first time. grade classes are issued by the People’s Committee of Thu Duc City and Districts, and then process the remaining cases.

If you click to confirm that you have checked and checked the information and data of students who have registered for registration in the program, parents and students will have 24 hours to think and consider carefully.

If you enter the OTP code sent by the program via email or mobile phone number, it means that you have completed the check, you have committed to the information in the program that you are reliable and accurate, and you have agreed to enroll in the school.

Conversely, if after 24 hours, the student’s parents do not enter the OTP code, the system will consider the case as unregistered.

Parents of students after verifying the OTP code will not be able to change the online registration. If it is corrected, the student’s parents and the student need to contact the place (where the registration information is registered) for guidance and solution, and at the same time they must provide sufficient documents and evidence to be eligible for admission. return the online profile to it. the first situation.

From July 20th to the end of August 1st, the parents of the students go to the first admission page to see the registration results. If you agree with the registration results, the student’s parents need to confirm their acceptance directly in the online registration system, and submit the paper application directly to the accepted school.

In the case of not being accepted or disagreeing with the registration results, parents and students can apply for admission in the second round according to the People’s Committee’s plan to bring children together to succeed and enroll in the first classes in Thu Duc city and districts.

A representative of the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City said that the second round of registration is also done online, which applies in cases where students do not have identification codes, schools lack registration quotas. . .

The 2023 – 2024 school year is also the first year that Ho Chi Minh City is testing the use of a geographic information system (GIS map) in primary school enrollment in Thu Duc City, District 8 and Tan Binh District.

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