Fire-breathing children

I spent two weekend nights wandering around the city just to ask when the kids would stop spewing fire. The children put gasoline in their throats and sprayed a cigarette lighter and the fire burned brightly, then put the lighter in their throats and closed it until the fire was extinguished. After the performance, he went to each table begging for money. The giver, the one shakes his head. Where does the money go? The fate of the children will come out Star? And how many people saw on the opposite side of the road some adults in the car watching silently? Few people know that they are child shepherds. Too many immense questions throughout the length of the road that night.

It is also quite strange to know that, under the 2016 Children’s Law, Vietnam we have a total of 18 agencies that protect, care for and enforce policy matters, law for children

Phong, a young guy I don’t know, only interacts on social networks. The guy often wanders with hot night meals for the poor and homeless, taking the sidewalk as a shelter. I have been following Phong since the days when Saigon struggled against the epidemic. Until now, when I look at the clips Phong posted online, I can’t help but be shocked. The cakes and milk that Phong bought and sent with his children to give to the fire-breathing children, will it help the children who are inherently exiled by shepherds who have to make money with this dangerous game? Phong called on everyone to do something so that fire-breathing children can go to school like other friends, eat well, and be loved like one has to take care of the young buds on the branches.

Multidimensional - Fire-breathing children

A child spitting fire for a living on the street. Photo: Ngoc Son

From the corner of Binh Thai intersection, Hanoi highway with two girls and a boy spitting fire every afternoon, to the fierce controversy online because the more they speak up, the more the children’s lives spit fire. starving. Many people say that nothing will be done, reflecting that, and after a while, Saigon is full of children who accept danger to make a living. Without money, shepherds will starve, beat and even have no place to go.

The city is big and the children are still scattered. I wandered in the night, from Nguyen Tri Phuong’s drinking street to Thanh Thai in District 10, there were more than a dozen groups of children spitting fire. Passing the Vinh Khanh selling area of ​​District 4 with dozens of snail shops on both sides of the road, there were 8 groups of children walking around spraying fire. The section of Pham Van Dong road connecting from the airport to Thu Duc goes through many districts such as Go Vap, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh and the last is the city within the city, more than an hour, I can’t remember all the numbers. the kids spit fire because there were so many, that I pulled over to a roadside pub and looked at the heavy night.

What do we do when we meet fire-breathing kids? Give money to ensure that the children at least have food and shelter, or like Phong, give cakes to receive the children’s very docile thanks, but knowing that tonight, if they don’t have enough money, what they need to do is give them money. full child will be a spanking. How can this city no longer have fire-breathing children, selling their health to the despicable profits of evil shepherds? This question is supposed to be a joint effort not only from society but also agencies related to children. A strong solution is needed so that the children are not in danger and are not harmed mentally or physically.

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