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Find an understanding and tolerant companion

Everyone wants to be happy, right – the one I’m always looking for and waiting for? Why did you keep me waiting so long?

Experiencing many ups and downs of life, sometimes I want to collapse but still have to fight to move on.

She is 34 years old, has broken up her marriage, so sometimes she feels guilty and thinks that the rest of the way should only go alone. However, hopefully through the Dating column, I will post an article, maybe I will find someone who can be tolerant, understanding and walk with me the rest of the way.

I was born in the Central Highlands, worked in Dong Nai. If anyone wants to be friends with me, please email me. Wherever I am, I am happy to talk, whether there is a predestined relationship or not, time will tell.

Tell me more about yourself: I’m 1.7 m tall, weigh 52 kg, have a slim body, a good face, gentle, frank, respectful. I like in every relationship, to share, talk to each other to understand each other better. In particular, I am very afraid of lies, because when I put my trust, being deceived, it feels very scary to me.

Hope someone is impressed with my post and sends a friend email.

Readers contact via email [email protected] or 024 7300 8899 (ext 4529) for assistance.

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