FIFA does not allow Barca to recruit Julian Araujo

Spanish football - FIFA does not allow Barca to recruit Julian Araujo

At the end of the January 2023 transfer window, Barcelona closed the deal to sign Julian Araujo from LA Galaxy for 4 million euros. As for Julian Araujo, the Mexican right-back will stay with the Catalan club until June 2026.

However, Barcelona were unable to complete Julian Araujo’s contract because of a computer problem. Specifically, because of submitting documents related to Julian Araujo to FIFA 18 seconds late, Blaugrana could not complete this deal on time.

After the January 2023 market closed, Barcelona submitted a proposal to ask FIFA to give them special privileges in this deal. However, the World Football Federation has just confirmed that it has not approved the contract of Julian Araujo.

In a statement yesterday, a FIFA spokesman said: “I can confirm that the transfer of player Julian Araujo from LA Galaxy to Barcelona was not completed in accordance with applicable FIFA regulations.”

Although FIFA disagrees, but Barcelona and LA Galaxy are looking for ways to circumvent the law to let Julian Araujo come to Camp Nou. According to Spanish media, it is not excluded that LA Galaxy will release the contract for Julian Araujo so that the Mexican player can come to Barca for free.

In return, Barcelona will give up the right to 50% of the contract value of Riqui Puig, when the American team sells the Spanish midfielder. Barca let Riqui Puig come to LA Galaxy for free in the summer of 2022.

In addition, LA Galaxy can also let Julian Araujo come to Barcelona on a free transfer and will receive an additional fee of 4 million euros depending on the player’s performance in the future of the Catalan team.


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