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Fear of ‘voluntary taxes from parent associations’

Fear of ‘voluntary taxes from parent associations’

“My son’s class is full of rich parents. They want to repair the classroom, but don’t forget to ask other parents to contribute.”

“I have two children who went to a famous elementary school in District 1 because they are registered in this district. There are many rich parents in my class who want to spend a lot of money to improve the school, they spend a lot of money. And don’t forget to invite parents of the entire class to participate. Many teachers also suggest that parents invest in the best equipment for the class,” readers read. hong river said after the article Class fund spent more than 260 million VND, parents were upset.

“Amounts that cannot be donated to the parent representative committee are: protecting facilities and security; taking care of student transportation; cleaning schools and classrooms; rewarding teachers; and shopping.” machinery, equipment, teaching materials; repair, update and new items. construction of school buildings…

But in the table of income and expenses of grade 1/2, repairs and improvements are not included in parental contributions, and yet 220 million VND is spent on this? It’s stupid.”

Readers have nicknames. ytran610 Citing part of the Circular 55 of the Ministry of Education and Training and raising questions about the information on the expenditure of funds of grades 1/2, schools Hong Ha Primary School Spent More Than 260 Million VNDthe class fund has spent 17 items, just the money to repair classrooms, buy air conditioners, fans and other equipment amounts to 220 million VND.

“220 million VND for repair items, it must be said that the parents here have spent quite a bit. This amount is enough to build a new level four house with the entire house, bathroom and kitchen, not just to repair it. There is no way fix it. But classroom repairs are funded by the state, so why do students have to contribute?” reader Quynh state.

Readers have nicknames. letuan513hg shared: “I have a son who studies in a primary school in District 5. At the beginning of the year, parents only paid the class fund of 500,000 VND, but some parents in difficulty did not pay. If the parent representative wants to pay something, he or she must announce it in the group or receive it. Opinions from the class parent meeting.

Reading the article, the parents of class 1/2 of Hong Ha Primary School agreed to contribute 10 million VND to each student for 5 years of school, which is really admirable.”

Readers with nicknames comment. keyboard hero: “I think it’s time to get rid of the parents’ association. Our generation (7X) does not have a parents’ association, anyone who studies well or gets results in the excellent student exam at the district level or above will do it. “They are invited by the school to attend the end-of-semester or end-of-year reunion, and then stay for an intimate meal with the school.”

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