Failing to Recognize Meg Ryan Star

Failing to Recognize Meg Ryan Star

In recent years, actress Meg Ryan has led a rather reclusive life, rarely attending events and limiting her appearance in front of the media and the public.

After many months of hiding, actress Meg Ryan (61 years old) suddenly appeared in New York City (USA) to attend the premiere of the documentary film. STILL about the life and career of actor Michael J. Fox.

movie actress Sleepless in Seattle (White Night in Seattle – 1993) Surprised by a different appearance. Many fans don’t recognize Meg Ryan. In recent years, Meg Ryan has led a rather reclusive life, rarely attending events and limiting her public and media appearances.

Presence of Meg Ryan at the premiere event of the documentary STILL Last week was the first time he had appeared at a media event in over 6 months. Meg Ryan has not appeared in movies since the movie. ithaca Released in 2015, this is her first film as a director.

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Meg Ryan made a sudden appearance in New York City (USA) to support actor Michael J. Fox at the launch of a documentary.

Meg Ryan was once considered the queen of romantic movies in hollywood During the 1980s and 1990s, she was known through movies like when harry met sally (1989), When a man loves a woman (1994), french kiss (nineteen ninety five), anastasia (1997), addicted to love (1997), You’ve got mail (1998), City of Angels (1998), Life test (2000)…

In Hollywood, Meg Ryan is also often mentioned as one of the talented actors, but she never received a prestigious Oscar nomination.

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Meg Ryan in the movie “You have mail” (1998) (Photo: New York Post).

In her life, Meg Ryan went through a broken marriage. In 2000, she acted in the movie. Life test (Living Proof) with co-star Russell Crowe. At the time, Meg Ryan was married to actor Dennis Quaid for 10 years.

Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe had crushes on each other on set. The incident prompted actor Dennis Quaid to file for divorce. Following Dennis Quaid’s unexpected move, the love between Ryan and Crowe only lasted a few more months and then ended.

Meg Ryan and her ex-husband Dennis Quaid previously appeared in 3 movies together, including Meat and bone (1993), DOA (1988) and Interior space (1987).

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Meg Ryan in the movie “Top Gun” (1986) (Photo: New York Post).

Talking about her brief love affair with Russell Crowe, Meg Ryan once confided: “Russell was very good to me during that difficult time and after that as well. I feel stronger when I’m not trying to achieve something or trying to prove something when you’re with Russell”. Although her love affair with Russell Crowe did not last, Meg Ryan said that she did not feel sorry for anything.

Meg Ryan also defended Russell Crowe: “Russell Crowe is not someone who destroys other people’s families. He has always been silent about this story and I thank him for that silence. But it’s true. I didn’t really leave my marriage because of him. I left my marriage because I felt that things were not right.”

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