EU seeks to ‘submerge’ investigation of Nord Stream sabotage

“European countries are completely silent on the case Nord Stream (Northern Stream). The investigation proceeds in a way that aims to sink the tracks, both literally and figuratively.” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said.

Earlier, German Prosecutor General Peter Frank said German investigators currently have no evidence that Russia is behind the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion. Chancellor Olaf Scholz noted that Germany would not speculate on the matter in the absence of evidence.

Russia: The EU seeks to sink the Nord Stream sabotage investigation - Photo 1.

Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines have been shut down since the end of August. (Image: Getty)

On January 12, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Sweden’s refusal to join Russian prosecutors in the investigation of the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions is “hard to understand”, emphasized that Moscow has the right to know the details of the investigation related to this incident.

Ms. Zakharova said Sweden is “cover” the truth about what they discovered in the investigation, showing that “Swedish authorities have something to hide”.

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Moscow will not let the West ignore the explosion at the Nord Stream pipeline. She emphasized, this is not only an unprecedented attack on an international transport infrastructure, but also an extremely dangerous precedent that requires the global community to take a tough response. .

The White House on February 8 denied a report that US Navy divers planted explosives under Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline in September last year.

In September last year, Sweden and Denmark discovered four pipelines leaking in two pipelines Nord Stream 1 (Northern Stream 1) and Nord Stream 2 (Northern Stream 2) carrying gas from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea. Out of these 4 leaks, 2 are in Sweden’s EEZ and 2 are in Denmark’s EEZ.

Russian, US and EU authorities said the leaks could have been the result of a targeted attack. The West and Russia are back and forth, blaming each other over the leaking Nord Stream pipeline.

Sweden, Denmark and Germany have opened separate investigations to gather information and documents separately about the Nord Stream pipeline incident. Moscow has proposed to Stockholm to set up a joint investigation into the cases, but both Sweden and Denmark reject the idea of ​​Russian involvement.

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