Error at…Tet!?

Actually, blaming Tet is also… reasonable. When the New Year holidays, the streets are quieter, the functional forces are also somewhat relaxed in checking, plus a little booze and congratulation, making many men on the street always in a really aggressive mood, speeding up. crossing red lights, crossing lanes, crossing lines… Traffic accidents are inevitable.

The statistics that summarize after the holidays are always sad to read. For example, after only 6 days of Tet, 77 people died out of 133 traffic accidents… Every year, people gradually formed a thought that: Every New Year, the number of traffic accidents will increase.

But, is that really the case?… If you compare and know that in 2022, there have been 11,448 traffic accidents in the whole country, killing 6,364 people. This number is much larger than the number of accidents during Tet holidays. Then we need to celebrate Tet!

Well, no matter what New Year’s Day, people drink alcohol. That’s why one year, an international organization doesn’t “praising” the Vietnamese as the champion world in the ability to load this stimulant into that person Star?

As a person who often has to go out for work. But I have never been able to get used to the traffic situation in the Capital. It feels like everyone on the street is always frantic in a rush, always having to run so fast that they can’t wait for a few seconds when the traffic lights are still red.

They will cross the intersection when the light still has a few seconds to turn green, or will not wait at the line when the light just turns red. Make those who follow the right signal to stop, avoid if you don’t want to cause an accident in the middle of the intersection.

Not only motorbikes, but also cars do not give in. At all costs, they must get ahead of others on the road, even if it’s just waiting for a traffic signal. No one is willing to stand behind others, even stopping at the road markings is a luxury for many people.

People like to wait for a red light in the middle of an intersection, calmly, even though other vehicles have to avoid them.

Some Vietnamese, tell you not to be sad, it seems that we all do not have the genetic code of strict discipline to be able to come close to complying with the minimum principles set forth in the Law. society. The closest example is participating in traffic.

So, perhaps, it is not possible to blame all of Tet!

Trinh Hung

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