Effects of social time zone deviation

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Staying in the social time zone for a long time can have adverse effects on human health. Photo: nypost.com

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Australia, a recent article on the ABC news channel cited research by Professor Simon Smith of the University of Queensland, who specializes in sleep and health research, which said most of the important functions of the human body. The body works according to the biological clock and works best when these functions are synchronized. Disrupting the circadian clock disrupts these functions as well, and resetting the circadian clock can take a long time.

Professor Smith said there are many reasons why a person may not be able to close their eyes to sleep as desired, be it because they have a sleep disorder, or suffer from depression, anxiety and stress, or also because of a medical condition. some chronic disease. When falling asleep seems impossible, Professor Smith said the environment can also become a factor, for example traffic noise, excessive street light entering the house, rising temperatures. In the bedroom without air conditioning, in particular, smartphones are now a harmful factor for falling asleep.

To get rid of the social time difference, people first need to understand their sleep time. The article has the opinion of Professor Russell Foster, head of the Institute of Sleep and Biology Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, who said that inside each person’s body is a “circadian clock” that helps regulates behavior and physiology according to the earth’s day and night cycles. However, we don’t always adjust our circadian clocks the same way, some people will wake up earlier and go to bed earlier, while some will go to bed later and wake up later. .

Professor Russell Foster also said that short-term social time difference can lead to complications, for example, when directly, when people cannot process information, people will be “frustrated, irritable resentful, unable to communicate with others and lose empathy”. In the long run, this condition persisting for years or decades can lead to real problems like cardiovascular disease, even cancer, and major metabolic events. So, the greater the social time difference, the higher the risk of type 2 diabetes. This is why aligning sleep times with work routines is so important that it should be at the forefront of employers’ minds.

According to Professor Smith, each individual has a different need for “natural” sleep time, but for most adults, sleep time is likely to be between 7-9 hours a day. Paying attention to your wake-up time each day – including weekends – can help confirm a healthy sleep schedule. Professor Smith believes that the amount of sleep you need is the amount of time you need to be refreshed and energized in the morning, and alert and calm during the day.

According to sleep experts, the best way to get a better night’s sleep is to stop worrying about it. Professor Smith says it helps to get enough sleep, create an environment that doesn’t conflict with sleep, and establish sleep-signaling habits for the body and mind. He also suggests the following steps to improve sleep, for example: reducing the intensity of indoor lighting at night; make informed decisions about nighttime technology use; keep a fixed wake-up time; exercise regularly.

However, he also admits that for some, these small changes are not enough. In that case, there are well-trained sleep professionals – such as psychologists and sleep physicians – who can provide more focused methods for improving sleep.

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