Each Vietnamese startup receives an average investment of 1.15 million USD

Vietnam is emerging as one of the emerging dynamic economies and a development hub for innovative start-ups in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the statistics of the National Center for Creative Startup Support, Vietnam’s startup ecosystem in 2022 has made new developments, reflected in many positive figures. Vietnam is currently ranked 54th in the global startup ecosystem. It is estimated that there are about 3,800 startups operating in the whole country.

In the first 9 months of 2022, there were 94 venture capital deals with a total amount of 494 million USD poured into Vietnamese startups. However, the total amount of investment capital poured out fell by 17.9% over the same period last year in the context of the world economy facing the risk of recession.

Fonos – a Vietnamese audiobook startup that received an investment of nearly 2 million USD. Photo: Trong Dat

BambuUp’s 2022 Vietnam Open Innovation Ecosystem Report shows that the Vietnamese startup ecosystem is entering a boom period from the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020.

This is reflected in the number of deals as well as the amount of capital poured into domestic and foreign startups by investors and venture capital funds. In particular, the record is in 2021 with a total of 165 deals and total investment capital of up to 1.4 billion USD.

Statistics also show that the average investment in a Vietnamese startup is about 1.15 million USD in the early stage and 9.5 million USD in the middle and late stage (medium). & late stage).

The increasing amount of foreign investment capital pouring into Vietnamese technology startups opens up opportunities and poses challenges to force startups to perform better in order to meet expectations commensurate with the amount of capital spent. the investors.

Online shopping platform Cooky is one of the Vietnamese startups receiving investment capital in 2022 with the amount of 4.5 million USD. Photo: Do ​​Ventures

Successful fundraising is just the starting point for a startup. In order to increase the international community’s credibility and trust in the Vietnamese startup ecosystem, the next thing to do is to maintain the startup’s performance after receiving capital.

According to Mr. Tu Minh Hieu – Deputy Head of the Startup Innovation Department (Department of Market Development and Science and Technology Enterprise – NATEC), Vietnam has been having mechanisms, policies and activities to support very practical for start-ups, innovation.

The Ministry of Science and Technology is promoting cooperation and linkage between resources in the public and private sectors and domestic and foreign partners to form, test and implement open innovation initiatives. , gather and publish problems and challenges of enterprises, industries, fields and countries.

“This is the right direction to promote the innovation capacity of the Vietnamese business system, and at the same time create a driving force to promote market development for innovative start-ups, encouraging them to do so. actively participate in the global value chain,” said Mr. Hieu.

After a period of strong boom, it is time for Vietnam’s innovative startup ecosystem to aim to become a comprehensive open innovation ecosystem to ensure sustainable development, with a focus on quality. quantity and results.

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