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Deciding Champions League and Premier League

Super League returns with a new format: Champions League and Premier League duel - Photo 1.

Super League new version is underrated

In April 2021, the Super League was introduced for the first time, bringing together the top European teams. In this version, 6 big clubs in the UK are invited to attend, including MU, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. However, the plan initiated by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez “died prematurely” due to a wave of fierce protests from fans and related football federations.

In the end, there are only 3 clubs left in the Super League that continue to pursue this plan: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. All 3 participated in the lawsuit against UEFA in Madrid and won. Accordingly, they are allowed to establish new leagues that are not governed by UEFA.

After overcoming the biggest obstacle, the Super League restarts with a new format. Yesterday, the company A22 – representing the new Super League sent a notice to major media channels throughout Europe.

The new Super League version will include 60 to 80 participating clubs, ensuring each club plays at least 14 matches per season. A22 claims that the new project is the result of detailed conversations with clubs across Europe about the financial problems they face. Over the past few months, A22 and ESL have focused their attacks on the wealth of the Premier League, and its dominance in the transfer market.

The format of the proposed new Super League has been kept secret by Real, Barcelona and Juventus, but even now there are questions about how it will work – whether it will ever be legally authorized to operate. move or not.

However, with the efforts of the Champions League/European Cup and the English Premier League, the new Super League is likely to “die prematurely” again. According to fans, calling too many clubs will make the Super League lose its most important criterion: the tournament is for super clubs and there are no points attractive enough for them to support.

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